Scripture on Perseverance

Scripture on Perseverance

The other day I was packing up decor…taking it down from the house, wrapping it up, putting it in boxes, and then carrying and storing it away. I was just about done and near the end when I bent over to pick up something from the ground and then BAM! All of a sudden it felt like my lower back popped and I went straight to the ground, unable to move.

It’s possible that some of you may have experienced this before (I’m with you people) and it’s possible you’ve never experienced this yet (lucky), but long story short, my lower back seized up and took me out of commission for a few days.

Now anyone that knows me knows that I have a VERY hard time laying down and resting. I’m sure this is pride and I have a lot of issues to deal with (that’ll be in future posts), but I found myself thinking about perseverance. Not only does my body have to heal and I’ll persevere through this back issue, but it made me think of just how much Jesus persevered upon my behalf. Just how much He persevered for all of us.

Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross (after being tortured), and rose again from the grave defeating death and sin in Victory. Let’s just say my “back issue” is nothing compared to what Jesus has done. Regardless of what we are going through, no matter how painful it might be, we must remember that Jesus has done everything for us…that He knows us…that He can sympathize with our every weakness…and that He will bring us through whatever it is we are going through today.

Here is what the Bible has to say with scripture on perseverance:

Parenting With Grace (For Yourself)

Parenting With Grace For Yourself

When I got married at the age of 27, Stephen and I knew it wouldn’t be terribly long before we would start our family. We knew we wanted two or three kids and we had no idea if getting pregnant would be easy or difficult for us. So with only about five or six months of marriage under our belts, we started trying. By God’s grace, after only a few months we found out we were expecting our first baby, and the following May our Bishop Anthony arrived. A perfect 7 lb. 11oz. bundle of pure joy. I remember just sitting and watching him sleep. At different times, Stephen and I would look at each other and say, “What did we ever do before he was here?”

Well fast forward nine and a half years and two little brothers later, and I can list for you about 364 things we used to do before he was here. Things like . . . go see a movie after church every Sunday, eat at a restaurant for under $25 and with almost no meltdowns, drive little cars with 2 doors and tiny gas tanks, and sleep uninterrupted ‘til 10:00am every Saturday. I wish I could say that there’s never a single moment that I wouldn’t give anything to go back to those days, but I’d be a liar. Because the bare-naked, raw, honest truth is that over the years we’ve moved from “What did we ever do before they were here?” to “Why did we have children again?” We are just in a really hard and trying season of parenting. I realize that every season of parenting has it’s own struggles, but for us right now, with energetic boys who are 9, 7, and 4, even the thought of going out in public with all 3 of them sends me into the fetal position. Just about every night I go to bed disappointed that I let another day go by without managing to control myself and my responses to the boys. And just about every morning I wake up praying that maybe this would be the day I don’t let them push me over the edge.

Right now we are wrapping up a three-week stretch of winter break from school. Their old school in Texas got out a week earlier than their new school here in Tennessee, which means their new school starts a week later than their old school. So for 21 solid days we have had zero structure and to make life crazier, we made the biggest move we’ve ever made in the middle of it. And I don’t know about you, but we are a family who thrives in structure and without it we sort of fall apart at the seams. Needless to say, Monday morning could not come fast enough for me . . . I mean, us.

Lately I’ve been going to the Lord and pleading for Him to show me how to be a better mother to these boys; to give me more patience as I deal with their defiance, more understanding as I mediate their arguments with one another, and more of a desire to enjoy them during this season. Something I felt Him say to my spirit is that I’m way too hard on myself. I’ve set my expectations for myself, and for the boys, way too high. I compare our family too often to other families. Then it hit me . . . I give myself zero grace so why on earth would I have any grace left to extend to our children? I strive every day to parent on my own strength, by my own standards, with my own expectations. Until I can get to a place where I’m willing to lay that down, nothing will change.

Resources For Spending Time With Jesus

Resources For Spending Time With Jesus

Whether it’s the beginning of a new year or a new season in your life, one thing is for sure…spending time with Jesus must be crucial for you. Really, spending time with Jesus is crucial for all of us because He is everything.

I’m convinced that’s where the real battle is for all of us and for good reason. If it’s such a battle to spend time with Jesus on a daily basis, don’t you think there’s a reason for this? There’s a reason that we get so easily distracted every single day and oftentimes forget to spend time with God. I know that happens to me over and over again.

For followers of Jesus, everything is centered around our time with Him. It’s time with Him that will remind us we are forgiven, forever. It’s time with Him that will remind us what our purpose is. It’s time with Him that will comfort us, give us strength, show us truth, and more.

Regardless of wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, you can just start today. Make a commitment today before God to spend time with him on a daily basis. Here are some great resources and what I’m using for spending time with Jesus:

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Biblical Pouting

Biblical Pouting

Let’s talk for a minute about disappointment. We all experience it. It may look different in frequency and intensity for each of us, but it’s certainly a universal experience nonetheless. It’s a very personal thing too, so trying to compare circumstances as some kind of gauge for how disappointed one should feel about a given situation isn’t fair. At the end of the day, there was an expectation that didn’t get met and oftentimes it creates a series of inconveniences, frustrations, and extra work – hence the disappointment.

The journey my family has been on for the last 3½ months has been nothing short of chalk full when it comes to disappointing moments. And each time I’m met with a choice – to wallow or not to wallow. I would love to be able to say that as each moment came, I received it with grace and patience. But it was quite the contrary. Sometimes it was as simple as a hefty grunt of irritation. Other times it took a good venting session with a friend or family member to be able to move on. And then there has been a time or two where I went full throttle into pout-mode and had to dig my way out to see reason.

So how does this God-given emotion fit into the Christian walk and testimony? One of the best pouters in the Bible has got to be David. He did not hold back in his feelings of disappointment, fear, anger, and hurt. Yet he did it in a way that challenges us today to feel what we’re feeling, but keep our eyes fixed on the Lord whilst doing so (don’t you love a good “whilst”?). That second component is so important because it is what dictates the outcome of our disappointment. Let’s look at a few examples of how David handled himself in disappointing situations.

Celebrating Before The Cross With 1,000,000 Views

Celebrating Before The Cross

We are very excited to announce that we now have over 1,000,000 views at Before The Cross! We wanted to celebrate and let you hear from our team and share the top 25 posts of all time below! Praise God for giving us such a tremendous opportunity to glorify Him by sharing the love of Christ. Here’s what our team wanted to share:

Erica Boutwell

As the newest member of the Before The Cross family, I am so grateful for the opportunity to flesh life out alongside such a great tribe of readers and supporters. There is something about the online community of Before The Cross that makes you feel a little less alone in your struggles and a little more cheered on in your victories.

My hope as I continue finding my place here at Before The Cross is that the Lord would keep my eyes open to those moments in life, big or small, that someone else might benefit from reading about. The great miracles and significant events are certainly compelling material for readers to take in. But sometimes it’s those everyday life lessons that carry the most weight in the life of another person. Knowing that others around you are walking the same roads, wrestling over the same questions, and searching for the same answers is comforting and can even get you through to the next day.

As a writer for Before The Cross, this season has been a time of great personal growth. The Word has become alive in a fresh way and God is revealing pieces of His character that I’ve not gotten to experience first-hand. I’ve been sweetly reminded to never put Him in a box because as soon as you do, He blows that box to bits.

Thank you for those who have read, liked, shared, and commented on my handful of contributions thus far. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us moving forward.

Chris Howard

Thank you to everyone taking the time to read Before The Cross. With all the content taking up server space in this digital universe, it’s a honor to know people are reading, sharing and interacting with each post. One of the many reasons I like writing for Before The Cross is the potential reach it has. To know God can allow Before the Cross writers to wrestle with an idea, write on it and then post it to the world with the capacity to reach our neighbors down the street or across the world is still mind-blowing and proof of our creative God.

I hope Before the Cross will serve as a beacon to those who feel they are about to be shipwrecked by life, drawing them toward safe harbor found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope Before The Cross will continue to encourage believers, letting them know they are not alone when it comes to doubt and failure, however, always able to draw upon the Lord in any situation and circumstance. I hope Before the Cross reaches more people, providing the best content in the best form as we grow together.

One cool thing that has happened to me during my time writing for Before The Cross . . .  I’ve been encouraged to dive deeper into my own salvation story, one that I thought was somewhat boring, and discover how broad God’s grace was and is over me, covering a chasm I didn’t comprehend at the time and can scarcely comprehend now.

I’m sure my fellow writers would agree, Before the Cross has been an exercise in refreshing our soul. Thank you for supporting us!

Mike Mobley

I don’t even know what to say when it comes to Before The Cross and celebrating over 1,000,000 views. What started off as obedience to journaling, quickly grew to including others to contribute what they felt The Lord was doing in their life and then sharing it to more and more people over the years. I would have never dreamed of BTC being at the point where it is now and I’m incredibly excited that I have no idea what God will do with it in the future! My only hope is that we glorify God by sharing the love of Christ and if even 1 person is impacted, then it’s all worth it.

I’ve been humbled and have had many tears when thinking of so many that have emailed me, commented on posts, and shared their struggles of how Jesus has impacted them and what they have learned, and how they have changed their lives going forward.

I personally have grown in my own walk with The Lord by writing as well. I’ve seen passions God has developed within me, similar struggles that seem to creep up over and over again, and compassion grow for so many people out there looking for help.

It’s incredible to see how many people Google what is really on their mind and the fact that something from BTC might come up as a result to help provide an answer to their question is very exciting to me.

We all look forward to the future with anticipation that God will continue to impact people right where they are at through Before The Cross. Please let us know if there are ways we can help you and give us feedback if you’ve been impacted at all by BTC, we’d love to hear from you!

Here are the top 25 posts of all time since we’ve started at Before The Cross: