The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth


It isn’t always easy to obtain and yet, by definition, it shouldn’t be complicated.

There’s a lot of noise around us and it isn’t always easy to disengage.

Even as you read this, there are many other posts and blogs begging for your attention.

I’ll try to keep it short . . . and simple.

After months of watching a video series in my men’s church small group, we’ve started tracking through the Book of Acts in the Bible.

Granted, there are many studies, commentaries, videos, articles and books that we could read and gain a lot of good insight from, but going through a book of the Bible in a slow, deliberate manner has been true joy as of late.

Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

This is an excerpt from my article in Credo Magazine. To read the full article, click here.

There have been more “Gospel centered” or “Gospel driven” ideas over the past year or two than I can ever remember. Gospel centered church, discipleship, parenting, marriage, dating, work, prayer, conversations, relationships…and the list goes on.

Certainly there are pros and cons to having something like the Gospel be the center of attention in everything. While the message of the Gospel is the most important thing we can share with others, there’s danger in just calling everything the Gospel, when that’s not really the case.

Matt Perman made an attempt to talk about productivity from the Gospel. How the Gospel can transform the way we get our tasks completed. Not only did Matt make an attempt at this, but I believe he nailed it!

I was very impressed by his book “What’s Best Next” because I almost immediately thought to myself that this was just another Gospel centered book without many practical applications to it, but I was wrong and learned that only a few pages into the book.

Efficiency Doesn’t Equal Effectiveness

Right out of the gate, Matt discusses efficiency – which is probably comes to mind for most of us (including myself) when we think about being productive.

I was immediately convicted (again) by the thought that just because I’m doing tons of things, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being productive. In fact, if I’ve lost sight of what the Lord is doing with His work while I’m getting things done, I won’t be glorifying God in anything I am actually doing…what a waste! It’s about getting the right things done, not many things done.

To read the full article, please visit the Credo Magazine Article.

We Don’t Have to Force Discipleship

We Don't Have to Force Discipleship

Our staff has been walking through Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman recently and a couple of parts have struck me in terms of how Jesus made disciples and how He didn’t force the issue. If Jesus Himself didn’t have to force anyone to be a disciple, then why do we often fall into this line of thinking?

“He (Jesus) did not ask anyone to do or be anything that He had not demonstrated first in His own life, thereby not only proving its workability but also its relevance to His mission in life.” (Master Plan of Evangelism)

Jesus modeled everything for His disciples. Whether it was prayer, scripture, serving others, or just straight up evangelism, He showed them how to do it and why it was important because He was doing it first.

I find myself talking about those similar topics with many people a lot, but how often am I actually demonstrating it before them? Yes, I’m busy…bla bla bla…my schedule is full, I have kids, “insert whatever other excuse I have here,” but do I really think disciples are going to be made by meeting up with them once a week to discuss these topics? Are we really going to make disciples this way? Many people including myself are guilty in this area, but not condemned thanks to Jesus and the promise that He is always working in us to the very end (Philippians 1:6).

Scripture on Money

Scripture on Money

Money is talked about in the Bible more than most other topics and continues to be a popular subject today. Most of us would say that life would be better if we had more money. Money drives so many of us whether that is in our career, pursuits of sinful desires, or just obsession over it as we crave more and more each day.

Sometimes we go too far to make the point that money is evil. The pursuit of money and that being the drive of what you do is evil, but money itself can be an amazing thing to use for God’s glory. After all, if He provides every single breath you are breathing at this moment, wouldn’t He be the provider of money as well?

Jesus has done everything for us and for those who follow Christ, we want to give everything back to The Lord. We won’t even come close to matching Him, but giving our time to Him, our money to Him (and spending it wisely including not going into debt), and loving others because of Him are ways we can serve our great God.

Here is what the Bible has to say with scripture on money:

The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard

We parked the car out in the field across from Grapevine Mills Mall. I remember saying, “Let’s just stop and look” with no intention of bringing a new puppy home. We already had our hands full with a black lab puppy and to add to the puppy frenzy at home was unthinkable.

A half hour later we were driving home with a golden retriever sprawled across my chest as Jess drove because I just couldn’t put the ball of fluff down.

When Jess asked what we should name her I blurted out “Honey”, even surprising myself at how the name seemed to instantly fit this dog (and would match her temperament for 11 years).

Last Wednesday we carried Honey to our vehicle for the last time on the way to the vet where we learned we’d have to put her down because of the cancer that had progressed rapidly over several days.

We weren’t ready to say goodbye to our faithful friend. However, we knew this was the only route to keep her from any further pain. This change wasn’t our choosing, but it had to happen.

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