Perseverance and Potty Training

Perseverance and Potty Training

The past few days have been landmark around our house. Potty training came in like a lion and out like a lamb. Many flushes, gold-stars and prizes later and our toddler has reached porcelain status. She’s on her way to becoming a full-fledged big kid. I take no credit. I was like an understudy as my wife played the starring role as master trainer.

Some quick observations I had this week:

  1. My wife is a toddler whisperer. To witness her at work as she guided our daughter toward her latest lesson in self-sufficiency was nothing short of remarkable as she practiced patience and praise while making the process fun.
  2. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to hearing the phrase “big girl panties” used in casual conversation with friends and family.
  3. My child wants to learn, grow and develop.

#3 really spoke to me. To see my little one run from the safe confines of diaper-life prompts me to seek out those areas in my life where growth is stagnant. It requires me to confess to God my distrust in Him at times when I feel I’m being challenged. It makes me ask God again for His direction so that I can be about the work He wants me to be about.

How is Christianity Relevant Today?

How is Christianity Relevant Today?

At first glance, Christianity might seem to be just another ancient religion, based on events that took place and beliefs that were formulated 2,000 years ago. However, if someone were to actually look into Christianity, they would see that Christianity answers the basic questions of human existence in ways that ring true in any time period. This not only makes Christianity relevant, but timeless.

Where Did I Come From? 

Like many religions and scientific inquiries, Christianity confronts the question of where things started. The Creator is a living person and a loving parent, not just a First Cause or a Big Bang. We find answers through Christianity that explain where we actually came from and how the universe was even created in the first place. Seems pretty relevant to me.

Why Am I Here?

Everyone needs and wants a sense of purpose in life. The search for significance drives many people to success seminars, self-help books, and therapists’ couches. Christianity offers significance, teaching that people were created to love and serve God, to please and enjoy Him. In fact, Christians are blessed with the different ways God has wired them to serve the Church and honor God. Every single life has value and is unique and has a role in the Kingdom of God for those who follow Christ.

Grateful For Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Grateful For Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Sometimes I get so focused on the here and now within ministry and our culture, that I forget many have gone before us in terms of spreading the Gospel and loving others. Am I alone in this? I’m quickly reminded (I believe by the Holy Spirit) to share the same message that’s been shared for hundreds of years, and to be persistent day by day just like how people did it in the past.

Here are some names you might know from the past. This isn’t to get us to think “who will be the great names of our time,” but more to broaden our horizons and realize the Church is much bigger than what we see in our areas…or even within our country. Be encouraged that God is at work everywhere and we get to be a part of His big eternal family. Let that motivate you to be even more bold in sharing the Gospel and building up His Church!

Finding Hope in the Fight

Finding Hope in the Fight

There was trouble when the morning dawned.

The fifteen of us arrived after a near-sleepless 10-hour train trip from Delhi to Varanasi, India the afternoon before. After lunch with our missionary couple hosts and some time prayer walking along the Ganges River, we finally settled down at our hotel after a home-cooked dinner. Most of our team didn’t know three of our leaders fell to a stomach illness in the early morning hours and required a trip to the local hospital.

We woke up to the disheartening news. I personally wondered if we’d continue with the original plan to boat along the Ganges and tour the city to witness the spiritual oppression that we were praying for God to lift off of the people of Varanasi.

Fortunately, our missionary friend took up the helm and led us that morning over the waters and in and through the city where Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam had convened centuries ago to pose a present barrier to those in need of the love of Jesus Christ.

As we floated on the river, the ceremonies taking place where people burn the bodies of deceased family and spread the ashes in the river rendered us speechless.

Top 15 Posts for 300,000 Views

Top 15 Posts for 300,000

We are celebrating post #400 today along with 300,000 views! Thank you all so much for your continued support by reading our posts, sharing, and praying for us. No doubt lives have been impacted by sharing the love of Christ.

Our prayer is that God continues to be glorified through the next 300,000 views, more people would believe and put their trust in Jesus, and that His Church will continue to be built up in the process.

Top 15 Posts for 300,000 Views

1. What’s Wrong With Living Together Before Marriage?

The Bible is clear on how it defines marriage between one man and one woman. That being said, what does Scripture say living together before marriage?

2. 5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Every Week

Communication within marriage is a huge deal. It takes an intentional mindset each week to work on it. Here are questions to ask your spouse that can help.

Summer of God

Wisdom - Scripture

There’s an episode of Seinfeld in which the character George Costanza claims the upcoming summer will be the best one ever. He claims it will be “the summer of George”. Events occur thereafter and ensure his summer will not go as planned. At the end of the episode, we hear him bemoan, “It was supposed to be the summer of George.”

Don’t you love it when plans go awry?

I didn’t think so.

The truth is, we can plan to go here or do that and it may happen the way we envision it. But often, the plans can also go by the wayside as a new set of plans is unveiled.

It’s how we respond to that unveiling that reveals our heart’s condition as it relates to God’s control over our lives.