10 Ways a Church Leader can Fail

10 Ways a Church Leader can Fail

Sometimes examples of ways you can fail at something can be more dangerous than helpful because it might encourage a performance based type of system, but the hope is that these ways listed below can help serve as an encouragement on what to be on guard for.

Whether you’re a church leader or not, all of these can apply as we follow Jesus and make disciples who make disciples. Church Leaders had this great list that I wanted to share with you below and think it’s very beneficial for us to be on the lookout for.

Here are 10 ways to fail as a church leader:

1. Build a great ministry while destroying a great marriage.

2. Compromise convictions in a moment of fatigue or weakness, and lose family, reputation, and anointing.

Just Stop and Think

Back in 2006, I realized that Jesus Died for Me, my actual…personal…sins were forgiven and I decided to put my trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him for the rest of my life. I realized that Jesus wasn’t just this big God out there or just some guy on a cross, but that He was personal…that was the changing factor for me.

At that time, I was attending Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley led by Francis Chan and around that same period, they released this video, “Just Stop and Think” which was incredibly helpful for me and for many others. Over time, it has reached millions with its message and I wanted to share that with you.

“The whole message of the Bible is not about this God in Heaven who wants to take from you. It’s about this God who wants to give to you. And if you miss out on that, you’re gonna miss the whole point of your life.” – Francis Chan

Jesus is True and Better

This is a powerful reminder for all of us to consider today that Jesus is Better than anything we can ever imagine or go through in life.

Let this be an encouragement to you today that no matter what circumstance you find yourself in today, rest in the fact that you have a relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who is Better.

Here’s the video translated into words for you to read over as well:

“Jesus is the true and better Adam who passed the test in the garden and whose obedience is imputed to us.

Jesus is the true and better Abel who, though innocently slain, has blood now that cries out, not for our condemnation, but for acquittal.  

Switching Channels

Switching Channels

As a parent, my ears perk up a lot more to the message contained within commercials, especially as they target my daughter. We don’t catch every commercial with the DVR and have to hustle to turn the channel or pause it now and then, and that’s just the channel for kids.

From that, I’ve seen a few constant messages aimed at little girls:

  1. Girls need to get used to the idea of chasing a dream house, beauty and great fashion.
  2. There is a magic inside of them.
  3. They should become a pop star and get attention.

As a little boy, I remember being targeted with:

  1. There are over 50 action figures and vehicles. I should collect them all!
  2. There is a warrior inside of me.
  3. I can become a hero and get attention.

Hidden behind bright colors, smiling actors and quick-cut camera-work, I sense another message that has followed me to adulthood. These days, I’m targeted with the need to have better financial investments, new vehicles and the Miller High Life with my buddies. The bottom-line message directed my way then and now is the same. Advertisers want to convince me that what I have is not enough.

There is certainly a game plan Satan uses to try to distract us from God and destroy our relationship with him by having us focus on self.

Scripture on Forgiveness

Scripture on Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be incredibly difficult at times. Whether someone has harmed us in some way or we have wronged someone else, it’s a humbling process we go through as believers. The Bible is full of areas of forgiveness, and ultimately this is displayed on the cross.

We have a tendency to forget how much God has forgiven us through the finished work of Jesus. Think about how you have sinned today, yesterday, last week, over this past month, maybe throughout the year…and you are still forgiven, for all eternity, because of Jesus. And now as followers of Him, we are to do the same for others regardless of however they have wronged us.

When we don’t forgive others, we forget our first love and what Jesus has done for us.

Here is what the Bible has to say with scripture on forgiveness:

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