Logos 6 Review and BTC Special Pricing

Logos 6 Review

I’ve been using Logos now for the past few versions and when I started, I wanted to find Bible software that was easy to use and would contain as much information as I would need to go deeper in studying God’s Word. Not only has Logos provided this help in studying God’s Word, but has blown my expectations even more with how much they provide for you to learn.

They continue to get better, faster, and improve their data with new resources every year, and this time, there’s no exception with Logos 6. Here’s a quick recap of the new features of Logos along with some of my favorite new additions.

Visual Copy

One of my favorite parts of Logos 6 is their visual copy option. People love quotes for example and love sharing them whether it’s online or in a presentation of some sorts. With visual copy, you just highlight whatever quote, phrase, or verse you’d like, then just click on visual copy, and it presents you automatic backgrounds catered to the nature of the quote for you to apply it to. After that, you already have the image now to share online or in a presentation, that simple.

Jesus is Our Source for Everything

This is a guest post by Bob Parker. “I have spent my life in ministry. Henri J. M. Nouwen describes it as a mystery, “The mystery of ministry is that we have been chosen to make our own limited and very conditional love the gateway for the unlimited and unconditional love of God.” I amazed that God used me at all.” You can contact him on Facebook. If you are interested in writing a post for us, visit our Guest Post page. You can also view other guest posts by clicking here.

Jesus is Our Source of Everything

I was about nine years old when I first began to seriously (as seriously as a nine year old can think) think about Jesus Christ. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I cemented a relationship with Him that revolutionized my life. I realized that knowing Him was more than obligating me to a certain moral standard of living. It was more than agreeing to live by a new code of conduct.

When I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ, I became permanently connected to the source above all sources, to the power above all powers, to the name above all names. Jesus is not just my teacher. He is my Lord, and he is my Savior. He is not just powerful, He is All-Powerful. He is not just wise, he is All-Knowing. He does not just love, He is Love. That means God is BIG!

Free Book Giveaway: You and Me Forever

Free Book Giveaway You And Me Forever

We are giving away You and Me Forever by Francis & Lisa Chan this week! The deadline to enter this giveaway is Friday, October 31st by 11:59PM (CST). We will announce the winner on Saturday, November 1st via Facebook & Twitter.

This is a fantastic book whether you are married or not. It really points to the fact that marriage is all about Jesus at the end of the day as opposed to what we naturally think about it being about one another. Francis and Lisa both share their viewpoints which are incredibly helpful to both husbands and wives. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to point their marriage to Christ. You can learn more about the book on their website.

Here is how you can enter the giveaway:

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Here is a description of the book:

What Is Forty Supposed to Look Like?

What is Forty Supposed to Look Like?

I remember a co-worker turning forty when I was a twenty-something still wet behind the college ears. Other co-workers decorated his cubicle with black balloons and banners with phrases of dread, e.g., “Happy Birthday, Dave. You’ve got one foot in the grave” and “New Member of the Over-the-Hill Gang”. I remember forty seemed very far away.

Then I blinked.

It’s that year. I’m turning forty in less than a week. Some might say I’ve looked forty for years with the rapid on-set of gray (my wife calls it silver) hair.

I don’t know exactly what forty is supposed to look like but I get the idea that wisdom should be a huge part of it after four decades on earth.

There have been times where I haven’t felt too-wise despite the gray hair.

Looking back on some stubborn times in my life, I liken myself more to a toddler trying to loosen myself from God’s grip instead of a man seeking the wisest decision.

However, despite the failings, I am grateful that looking back on four decades is not an exercise in shame but a celebration of the grace, mercy and wisdom God has provided me.

Scripture on Integrity

Scripture on Integrity

It’s difficult to define integrity in our culture today because most definitions include moral principles. It can get pretty confusing to try to define what moral principles are right, and which ones are wrong in our world. Luckily, we have the Bible to teach us what the real moral principles are that we should follow, therefore, we also know what it means to have integrity.

At the end of the day, as we follow Jesus, it’s what we do when no one is looking….and when everyone is looking….that shows us where our integrity is. What we actually do proclaims what we really believe.

Do we really spend time with The Lord? Do we read the Bible? Do we pray? Do we share the Gospel? Are we serving one another in love and good works? Are we engaging in sin when no one is looking? Are we living our lives with integrity as we follow Christ?

Here is what the Bible has to say with scripture on integrity:

5 Ways for Men to Lead Their Family

5 Ways For Men to Lead Their Family

I was considering writing another sinful confession, but I wanted to change it up this time. Instead of just writing about it, I wanted to provide some practical ways to repent of it and encourage you to do the same if needed. God has recently done some work in my life to reveal to me just how much I have not been leading my family spiritually. Yes, I might be working hard and providing for them…yes, I might not be doing anything terrible against them…yes, I do love them very much, but, I haven’t been leading them to The Lord and that is one of the worse things I could do to them.

I’ve been taking them for granted and chalking up the “little kid season” to “I”ll get to them at a later season,” which has snowballed into….me doing nothing, really. As I confessed to The Lord and to them, I started to pray and considered what I could do to get started, again.

In my experience, it seems like whenever men are talking about leading their families spiritually, most believe it is a daunting task, but who ever said it has to be? Why do we buy into this lie to begin with? Why would we think God would call us to do something that He hasn’t already equipped us to do by the power of the Holy Spirit?

God knows exactly who is in our family and why they are in our family. We can’t see all the reasons behind everything that takes place (thank goodness because we couldn’t handle it), but God has a purpose and will use any circumstance or person to bring Him the most glory. Your wife is the one and only person God has called to be your wife for a very specific reason. The same thing goes for why you have the specific kids you do. That means…they need the very specific father and husband that God is calling you to be to them for a reason.

You are God’s Plan A for your family.

These are 5 simple ways to lead your family spiritually. If you aren’t doing anything, then make a change now and get started. There’s no excuse to not spend time doing the most important thing you could do for your family.