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We are very excited to have our official Before The Cross shirt available to purchase online!

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Our shirt is a Dark Grey Tri-Blend shirt that’s soft and made up of cotton, polyester, and rayon with a fashion fit cut. It’s ring spun cotton so it’s smooth and it breathes nicely.

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Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

There have been more “Gospel centered” or “Gospel driven” ideas over the past years than I can ever remember. Gospel centered church, discipleship, parenting, marriage, dating, work, prayer, conversations, relationships…and the list goes on.

However, there can be pros and cons to having something like the Gospel be the center of attention in everything. Let me explain. While the message of the Gospel is the most important thing we can share with others, there’s danger in just calling everything the “gospel,” and claiming we know when everything is being driven by the Gospel or centered on the Gospel.

Matt Perman made an attempt to talk about productivity from the Gospel and how the Gospel can transform the way we get our tasks completed. Not only did Matt make an attempt at this, but I believe he nailed it!

I was very impressed by his book “What’s Best Next” because I almost immediately thought to myself that this was just another Gospel centered book without many practical applications to it, but I was wrong and learned that only a few pages into the book.

Efficiency Doesn’t Equal Effectiveness

Right out of the gate, Matt discusses efficiency – which is probably comes to mind for most of us (including myself) when we think about being productive.

5 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From An Affair

This is a guest post by Stephen Bradshaw who is “a husband to an amazing wife, a father of two beautiful children, and blogs at about Christian issues and the intersection of science and faith.” If you are interested in writing a post for us, visit our Guest Post page. You can also view other guest posts by clicking here.

5 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From An Affair

No one would ever wish an extramarital affair on their marriage, kids, or any other aspect of their life. I’m not sure there can be a more painful betrayal than that of being cheated on in such an intimate way.

And yet, sin beckons at our door constantly and though our spirit may be strong, our flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). Even within strong Christian communities, affairs happen. According to a 2014 survey, 35% of married Christian men and 17% of married Christian women have had an affair at one point in their marriage.

If having a strong spirit and being in a strong Christian community isn’t enough to protect us against an affair, what can we do?

I recently heard a life-changing sermon by Andy Stanley that answered this exact question in very practical detail. The sermon has been so meaningful to my marriage that I couldn’t help but to share his insights.

Errands I Don’t Need to Run

This is a guest post by Lauren Sparks who is “a wife, mom, fitness instructor, proud Baylor Bear, and grateful believer in Jesus Christ.” She shares the ups and downs of the faith of a special needs mom at The Sparks Notes and Facebook. If you are interested in writing a post for us, visit our Guest Post page. You can also view other guest posts by clicking here.

Errands I Don't Need To Run

I LOVE to read. It is one of my great pleasures in life. I enjoy getting lost in novels, reading God’s Word, Biographies, Christian non-fiction, a good magazine, blog posts and my Facebook feed. I’ll pretty much read anything I can get my hands on! Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time to read as I would like. If I didn’t ever watch TV, or go to the movies…or sleep, I might get a few more pages in, but I have 2 part time jobs, a special needs child with doctors appointments and therapies, a typical kiddo who loves her sports and activities, and church and volunteer commitments. I also have a loving and tolerant husband who enjoys me looking in his direction occasionally. So what is a busy story-lover to do?

I’ve taken to audio books. They are entertaining and convenient. By downloading them on my phone, I can listen while I do chores, shower and dress, and put thousands of around-town miles on my car. No, it’s not as relaxing as sitting in an over-stuffed chair with my feet up devouring an old-fashioned paperback (you pictured a delicious cup of coffee in my hand too didn’t you? Just me?), but it keeps my Good Reader “want to read” list in the hundreds instead of millions.

I recently finished listening to “The Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman (on the recommendation of my BFF Jen Hatmaker). In this period piece, a childless couple (having endured 3 miscarriages) lives isolated on an island where they tend the lighthouse. When a small boat crashes on their shore, they find a dead man and an alive newborn on board. In their grief over the loss of their last unborn baby (not 2 weeks before), the couple jumps to the conclusion (without bothering to research) that the baby’s mother must have died at sea as well. They take her in and raise her as their own.

Why Taking Steps Is A Godly Thing

Why Taking Steps Is A Godly Thing
Have you ever asked God what the plans are for your life? Do you want to know what the future holds for you or for your family? Are you in the middle of a transition and are seeking out answers to your questions?

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

I think a lot of us are always asking questions and seeking out what the future holds for us. As believers, we know God is on His throne and would admit that with our words, but do we live in such a way that backs that up?

God has been working on me lately and showing me how much I struggle with this. It’s been a humbling process recently, but God has been revealing just how much I like to be in control. He’s been showing me how much I like to have “my plans” and know what “my future” holds, and how much of that doesn’t include God at all. In reality, there are times I live as my own god.

What about you?

I’ve had to be reminded over and over again by the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) that God has already given us instructions. God has already promised us how He will establish our steps (Proverbs 16:9) regardless of whatever our plans are. I realized this recently…think about this…God establishes our steps

How To Handle Unfulfilled Expectations

This is a guest post by Alan Sivakumaran who is “a sinner saved by the grace and love of Jesus. Son, Brother, Friend, Counselor, Runner, DFW Sports Fan, Karaoke Legend in China, and an Adventure-seeker.” You can contact him on Twitter and on Facebook. If you are interested in writing a post for us, visit our Guest Post page. You can also view other guest posts by clicking here.

How To Handle Unfulfilled Expectations

I have recently been re-watching one of my favorite TV shows called Scrubs. I love the characters, writing, comedy, creativity, and sentimental moments of the show. I like the show because I relate to the main character of the show Dr. John Dorian. JD is someone who cares deeply for his friends, family, and patients. He tends to daydream a lot. He also desires to make meaning out of everything in his life. He will always close the show with a monologue of something that he takes away from the episode. The last episode of the show is JD leaving his job. This is a big moment in his life because he spent the last eight years working at this hospital Sacred Heart. He has high expectations and hopes for his last day at Sacred Heart. He wants to feel appreciated, valued, and respected by his friends and colleagues. He shared his most insightful thoughts while he was walking out of the hospital for the last time.

“Things go rarely exactly the way you want them to, so sometimes you make due with whatever you can get. Endings are never easy; I always build them up so much in my head they can’t possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed. I’m not even sure why it matters to me so much how things end here. I guess its because we all want to believe that what we do is very important, that people hang onto our every word, that they care what we think.”

I believe it is normal for people to yearn for praise and acceptance from their friends, family, and colleagues. We want to believe that our existence on this planet means something. It is a wonderful thing when your friends, family, and colleagues have great things to say about you. It means that you made a positive impact on their life. When we have high expectations for people and they don’t meet our expectations. Then we are bound to feel disappointment.

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you are doing” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

God calls us to encourage and uplift one another. It is a good thing to praise our friends and family for their talents, gifts, and passions. Believers share a hope in Christ, so this bond is designed to make us stronger. It is important that we care and love one another well. Unfortunately our friends and family are going to disappoint us despite their best efforts. They are not perfect and there is no way for them to know all our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.