A Lesson on Leading

This is a guest post by Ross Sawyers, Lead Pastor at 121 Community Church who is “passionate about living for Jesus Christ and leading other people to follow Him full on.” You can follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook. If you are interested in writing a post for us, visit our Guest Post page. You can also view other guest posts by clicking here.
Learning to lead - Time Bomb

Photo By creativeoneuk

Learning to lead has been a huge process over the years. And I do not think there is ever a time when that learning stops.

In thinking about mistakes that I have made, one of the biggest has been the failure to address conflict quickly. My tendency has been to hope it will go away. The unfortunate thing is that it usually does not. The mistake is not dealing candidly, graciously, respectfully and immediately (Proverbs 17:14, Matthew 5:9, Matthew 18:15, Ephesians 4:15-16, Romans 12:17-19) .