5 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From An Affair

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5 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From An Affair

No one would ever wish an extramarital affair on their marriage, kids, or any other aspect of their life. I’m not sure there can be a more painful betrayal than that of being cheated on in such an intimate way.

And yet, sin beckons at our door constantly and though our spirit may be strong, our flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). Even within strong Christian communities, affairs happen. According to a 2014 survey, 35% of married Christian men and 17% of married Christian women have had an affair at one point in their marriage.

If having a strong spirit and being in a strong Christian community isn’t enough to protect us against an affair, what can we do?

I recently heard a life-changing sermon by Andy Stanley that answered this exact question in very practical detail. The sermon has been so meaningful to my marriage that I couldn’t help but to share his insights.