Who We Are In Jesus

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Who We Are In Jesus - One Way British Sign

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My wife and I recently started watching an old BBC series on Netflix, set in the Scottish Highlands. It begins as a fish-out-of-water story, with the young son (Archie) having left the highlands for city life, starting his own restaurant with his girlfriend. His mother asks him to come home after his father takes a spill in the local loch. He arrives to find his father fine, but that they have bequeathed the castle and 35000 acres to him without his knowledge. Since it’s a TV show, he of course ends up staying for good.

These types of shows are also required to have a romance in them, and after a few fits and starts, the son ends up with the housekeeper, Lexie, who’s lived at the house since she and he were both teenagers. But as the laird’s fiancé/wife, she has a hard time letting go of her old life.

She still wants to do the work she did before, even though she’s now lady of the manor. She still wants to keep house. She still wants to cook. (Why the housekeeper is also the cook is a subject for another time.) In fact, her desire to continue being cook is so intense that when Archie hires another cook to free Lexie up to, you know, be the laird’s wife, she throws a fit and challenges the new (professional) cook to a duel. (A cooking duel, but still.)