Is There Proof Of God’s Existence?

is there proof of god

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We can know God exists because all people have an inner sense of God (Romans 1:19-25) and because of the evidence found in Scripture and in nature. Sin will cause people to deny their knowledge of God and because of this they are without excuse before Him (Romans 1:18).

Traditional “Proofs” For God’s Existence

  • Cosmological: Everything has a cause and the cause of such a great universe can only be God.
  • Teleological: Since the universe appears to be designed with a purpose, there must be an intelligent and purposeful God who created it to function this way.
  • Ontological: God, is a being “greater than which nothing can be imagined,” and the characteristic of existence must belong to such a being, since it is greater to exist than not to exist.
  • Moral: All people have a sense of right and wrong so there must be a God who is the source of this who will someday mete out justice to all people.
  • God must enable us to be persuaded or we would never believe in him. We depend on God’s active communication to us in Scripture for our true knowledge of Him (Matthew 11:27).
  • Incomprehensibility: Because God is infinite and we are finite, we can never fully or exhaustively understand any single thing about him (Psalms 145:1-3).
  • Knowability: We can know God truly, personally, and sufficiently, so we can know him as he is and have abundant and eternal life that comes from this knowledge (John 17:3).
  • God’s “name” is equal to all that the Bible and creation tell us about God. God has many names that reflect many true descriptions of his character from Scripture.

*Resources Added From Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology

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Here are other Frequently Asked Questions and how the Bible answers them.

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