How To Humble Yourself Before The Lord

How To Humble Yourself Before The Lord

Being humble for most people brings to mind a form of weakness. If someone practices humility, it means they’re not a “go-getter” and don’t care about performance or working hard. It’s the weak one who is humble and is dependent on someone else (hopefully you sense my sarcasm). Why do you suppose the Bible has so much to say about being humble? Maybe we’ve got it all wrong and the one who practices humility is actually the strong one?

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:6-7

God cares for us. He is mighty. He calls us to humble ourselves under Him. Not because He is a controlling God that wants you to bow down to Him because you are nothing, but rather because He wants to exalt us and care for us. As we humble ourselves, that is when we truly worship Him. We’re trusting Him with what’s going on in our lives and believing He is the provider instead of ourselves.

Stop Putting Everything On Your Shoulders

I’ve noticed lately in the majority of my conversations with people that everyone is tired. We’re busy. We’re weary. We’re taking on a lot of responsibilities. We’re working hard for our families. We’re trying to attend as many social events as possible. We’re trying to pay the bills as best as we can. We’re just trying to “get by.”

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” – Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus doesn’t seem to be talking about a life that is full of anxiousness and weariness as we follow Him. He makes a point to state the exact opposite on how we can find rest in Him. He is speaking to those that labor and are heavy laden.

I can’t speak for you personally, but I know for a fact that we are all suffering from this. We are working too hard. We are thinking way too much mentally. We are putting things on our shoulders that don’t belong there. We are forgetting what Jesus said and what He has done when we feel that it’s “all on us” to get things to happen. Most of the time, we’re probably putting so much effort into the wrong things all together (I am guilty of this too).

In today’s culture, we’re told if you labor and are heavy laden then you are doing the right thing. You are sacrificing for your family and friends. You are pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and working hard to hopefully one day achieve paradise (retirement) where you get to do nothing as you live out the rest of your days. This is wrong. Don’t let culture tell you that putting everything on your shoulders is wisdom. Trust Jesus when He tells you that His burden is light.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God,which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:4-7

Trust In God’s Character

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” – Philippians 4:8

Most of the time when we don’t humble ourselves, we are really saying we don’t trust God. There are times as a follower of Christ when we forget God’s character or doubt Him. We’re told in Scripture to think on the things of God. To meditate on anything worthy of praise.

These things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, or excellent are all praiseworthy because God is all these things. You’ll never find an area of the Bible that contradicts God’s character at the end of the day and that should encourage us in those moments of doubt.

Most of all, when God gave His one and only Son for us (John 3:16), it tells us a lot about His character. That sure doesn’t seem to come across to me like a God who is a tyrant and just demands power all the time. It doesn’t seem to match up to a God that doesn’t care about us. He knew that we could only come to Him through His Son who had to suffer and die before rising again. With that perfect knowledge that only God can have, He followed through and sacrificed His Son for us. Not only does that tell us everything we need to know about God’s character, that shows us just how much He loves us.

Look At The Humility Of Jesus

Jesus is our ultimate example of humility. Out of obedience to His Father, He humbled Himself all the way to the point of death on the cross. The Bible says because of this that God exalted Him just like how it says He will exalt us (1 Peter 5:6-7).

“And being found in human form, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Therefore God has highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” – Philippians 2:8-11

If Jesus practiced humility Himself, then why would we think we don’t need to? Why would we consider this weakness? Even He was dependent on His Father and this was a good thing, in fact, the best thing. It was a God glorifying thing in every way. We couldn’t even have a relationship with God if it wasn’t for what Jesus did for us in the first place (John 14:6). We had to humble ourselves to trust that Jesus is King and to ask Him to be our Lord and Savior. This is no different today whether you’ve been a believer for a week or 50 years.

We still need Him in everything we do. We still need the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom in all matters. We still need help to practice things that are honorable, pure, lovely, commendable, or anything praiseworthy. We are still not capable of doing anything on our own and will never be. As soon as we begin to live in a way where we are no longer dependent on God to do everything for us, we are forgetting our first love and proclaiming what Christ did for us was not enough.

As you’re reading this, take a deep breath and let it out. It’s going to be ok. As a follower of Christ, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in, I promise that you can give it to Him. This is because God’s Word is true. What Jesus did was enough. And you have the Holy Spirit and can trust Him to lead and guide you. Humble yourself and pray to God truly casting your anxieties to Him and trust that He does indeed care for you.

Questions: Are you trusting yourself in the midst of your trials? What anxieties do you need to confess to the Lord? Do you have a hard time being humble? Please comment below.

Saved by Grace through Faith. In love with Jesus, His Glory, and obviously my beautiful wife Joelle, daughter Peyton, and son Matthew! Seeking Him in everything to glorify Him and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor at Austin Life Church.

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  • James

    I’m James. 33/m from holland michigan. I’m married with 2 kids. Israel 4, and Bella 2. My marriage is beyond repair. I need help from The Lord but I smoke cigs and don’t know if the sovereignty of God will permit to help me. The Holy Spirit came upon me when I was 19. But after that I just went my own way and did my own thing. I need to come back to The Lord. I don’t know if it’s my lack of faith or me smoking cigs or what. But I want to fully live for god like no other man has. I need him to heel my marriage and my body. Thanks for reading.

    • Heather

      Hi James, I’m sorry to hear that life is not going well at the moment. The good news is that nothing can separate you from the love of God and you are free from any condemning charges against you Romans 8:31-39.You made a profession of faith over 10 years ago and have since fallen away from your faith. Our God is a merciful and gracious father, ask for forgiveness and turn away from your sin; we have already been given that forgiveness whether we feel like it or not.We also received our healing on the cross 1 Peter 2:24 so ask God for help with your marriage and to stop smoking. Bless you and your family,Heather

      • Thanks so much for sharing Heather!

        • Karimah Smith

          Hi my name is karimah im struggling in everything with anger, bills trying to make ends meet im a complusive worrier I dont trust anyone im a single mom worrying how im going to make ends meet day in and day out

          • Hey Karimah, thanks so much for sharing and being vulnerable in such a difficult time.

            Are you part of a Church? I would suggest for you to get with your local Church to see what help they can offer as well as getting into Biblical community so you aren’t living life in isolation. As we follow Christ (I don’t know if you do or not), we are to be part of His Church and to be walking with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

            That would be a great start for you and I think a huge help.

          • Karimah Smith

            No but the enemy has tricks with distraction but i am in desperate need to find a church home

          • Agreed on the distraction. Being a part of God’s Church would be huge for you to walk through these things with. Regardless, we are meant to be part of the Church b/c God has something for all of us to do. Have you been able to find one?

          • guest

            I was part of a church for many years, but many struggles are choking what’s been planted in my heart. It’s a shame to admit that you’re ashamed you werent humble, but instead arrogant inside even when you did not speak out. I plead to help me return,, knowing what humility means, i need to learn to do it however, and more.

          • Thanks so much for sharing. Look to Jesus for our example of what humility really is all about and seek to live for Him the rest of your life understanding He has forgiven you for all eternity if you put your faith and trust in Him.

            Then, the Holy Spirit can lead you in humility….you won’t always get it perfect, but you can rely and trust on God’s strength to take you day by day.

          • Rochelle


            I can hear your struggles as if they were my own..I am a single mother working 2 jobs and going to school…I picked up 2 extra jobs fearing that if I list one of my first jobs that I would be protected…God is showing me that his way is much better..that I don’t need to live in constant fear..I am currently praying for his guidance about my home and my mortgage. You see my home my be taken by eminent domaine when and if a new exit is built on the interstate behind my home…I haven’t been able to put my home on the market because I would have to disclose that information..I struggled unnecessarily for over a year trying to do things my way..I started to pray, go back to church, read the word and fast weekly…I asked god to take my entire life in his hands, that I wanted his will in my life not mine..I felt guided to pack up things in my home, to donate things..I realized through the Holy Spirit that there where things in my life that I needed to discard ..activities, people, and so forth..I was delivered from a spirit of depression and god brought me a gift of a$500 tax credit ..The Lord lives us and wants us to truly pray about everything…the more I sit in his presence and just listen for his guidance the closer I feel to the grace he wants to provide…i used to worry much more but now when I feel that habit come upon me I say…Hebrew 13:6 The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me? Praise Jesus our lord and Savior for the work he completed on the cross so that you my dear sister can have not just eternal salvation but a beautiful relationship with you creator ..the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end the first and the last..he has never changed his word has never changed and his live for you has never changed! He will provide all of your needs but you have to fully submit to his will in your life…May he press into you the very love that you need to know …have faith in him

          • Karimah Smith

            Thank you so much my sister I needed that!!!!

          • Janet Mather


          • Thanks for sharing Janet!

    • Thanks for sharing James! Sounds like you are wanting to live your life for Christ which is awesome!

      Nothing is too big for God to work through and if you follow Christ, you have the Holy Spirit to lead you every step of the way. Are you involved in a Church? I would suggest getting into a community of Christ followers where you can study the Bible, pray, and do life together. That will be huge in your walk with the Lord and benefit your marriage greatly!

  • Peter

    I’m 16 this year and I have been a christian since 13,where I first received salvation in my church,since I’m a teenager and christian at the same time, I have this tendency to think I’m more better,righteous, or honorable than the people around me in school, since i got the knowledge of christ ,I became quick to judge of the people around me, when they smoke ciggs, swore and curse, I will get so arrogant and comment on them as if I’m sinless and perfect. I have been dealing with pride issues a lot of time because it’s hindering my walk with God as I tend to rely alot of things on myself instead of others, not even God. I really want to know how to humble myself before God. I dont want to be a mediocre christian but a powerful one ! Need some advice ~

    • Wow, Peter thank you so much for this comment! Hard to believe you’ll be 16 this year because your post alone shows your maturity and desire to grow in wisdom. The fact alone that you notice how sinful you are and still in need of a savior that you are…says everything.

      The one who grows in knowledge and acts like they don’t need to learn anymore is foolish. The one who grows and sees just how sinful they really are…is actually the wise one according to the Bible.

      Let me encourage you to read your Bible, pray, be involved in your Church and with other believers and non-believers….but most of all….remind yourself of the Gospel, each day! This will humble yourself because you’ll realize…daily…that you can’t do this on your own and you need Jesus more than anyone else you know. That helps give you the right perspective to truly love and serve others!

      Continue to press on man!

  • Daniel

    I’d like to ask for prayer: I desperately need to learn how to humble myself. I want to humble myself before my God so that I may learn what it is that God truly has planned for my life. I want to serve God with all my might and with all of my heart but i feel as though I have a stronghold that is holding me back. I am a grandson to a pastor and I see the blessings that God has put in me and is always doing for me but I feel like I am not putting in enough. I want know what God’s will is for my life so I ask whoever comes across this can pray for me. Thank you

    • Thanks so much Daniel for sharing.

      I will definitely pray for you and can imagine many others will too when they see your request. What a great request to want to humble yourself before the Lord and pray…awesome!!

      Be encouraged that you’ll never “put in enough” because everything Jesus has done for you is already enough. Trust that He has done everything and will always be everything for you and that will help not only humble you, but give you encouragement for every day after that to glorify Him in all that you do!

  • Thank you very much for this. It was really helpful. Even the previous comments were inspiring to read because, I saw how other Christians also wanted to be humbled, so I also prayed for you guys. =)

    But, may I please ask, to anyone who reads this, please pray for me. I’m 17 and honestly, I struggle with this sin of pride and I hate it because I know sin is displeasing in the eyes of GOD, but HE is worthy to be pleased and glorified in every move we make! So I really want to humble myself and be rid of pride.

    More than anything I’ve ever wanted, I desire to get closer to GOD and I think humbling myself is also an important key. So if you can, please pray for me. Thanks so much, and GOD bless you all! <3

    • Thanks so much Faith, will definitely be praying. Just continue to reflect on what Jesus has done for you and how He humbled Himself…and if He did that, that will give us the right perspective to follow Him and be obedient to His Word. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • tricia

    Hi Mike. I want and NEED to have God in my life. I received the spirit of God in 1991 but I neglected Him and was totally deceived. How do I truly start over and have His spirit again? I realize how valuable God is and feel satan messing with my mind telling me scripture is not important and caring what my family think as if I am living for them. I wish I had gotten to know God in my younger years and not walked off to do my own thing. I know and believe God is important but so terrified I will never have or know Him for real. I was such an idiot. Now I feel like satan has advantage of me due to lack of knowledge and carelessness. I want a life. I am single and 39 but want Jesuz the center of my life. Why does it seem so hard and distant. I am the one who left God. Can I ever have Him back for real?

    • Thanks so much for sharing Tricia.

      The Bible teaches that God isn’t wanting people to perish, but for all to come to repentance and that we also know that Jesus is the only way to God.

      The simple fact you are wanting God is amazing and praise the Lord for drawing you in! I would ask yourself if you believe and want to follow Jesus for the rest of your life and if so, the Bible says you are saved for all eternity…forgiven of all sins…and now made righteous by God and have the Holy Spirit in you.

      Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ….not even satan….not even yourself. Be encouraged if you follow Christ, you are his child…forever.

      I would encourage you to pray, read the Bible (maybe the book of John), and become part of your local Church that teaches the Gospel and how Jesus is the only way. As followers of Christ, it’s a command to be part of His Church and not to live life in isolation. That will help tremendously! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • “j.c.”lady

    I have the worse boss ever. I am happy when I come to work and see the lights off in her office. I hate to see Monday come. I have become very down and negative. I realize I can not continue to be like this and serve God. So after hearing a sermon on today about “What does the word of God say about your situation”, I decided to look at my situation. I now realize that the problem is not my boss but my inability to humble myself. So I looked at the root of the problem it’s me humbling myself not to her but to God. If I trust God the way I way I do then I should humble myself before him and allow his peace in this situation to rule. Stop trying to solve this situation but give it to him to solve. “Trust him like I say I do”. Take it off my shoulders and put it on him. Change my way of thinking to what is pure, honest, good, just, worthy of praise. When I humble myself God will step into my situation and “Change It”.

    • Thanks so much for sharing J.C.

      Seems like you are already seeing how the Lord is working in your situation to teach you humility. I can’t speak to how hard it must be.

      I think in any of these situations we can look to the cross and see the ultimate example of humility found in Jesus and when we reflect on Him, that gives us the right perspective for each day. It’s amazing how much the Gospel continues to minister to everyone…those who don’t follow Christ and those who do.

  • Charlene

    Am really anxious about the future, am husband had a back surgery and he can’t get back to work, am worried about my children future, I just want to have a good life peace happiness and joy, we been through a lots since we met but we still fighting hard to have a blessing from God. But am taking patience. God know and see what had happened in our lives and I want him to bless me and my family and to have restoration in everything in our lives. In Jesus Christ I pray amen

    • Thanks so much Charlene for sharing. Are you guys following Jesus? Are you part of a Church? I would get with your local Church to make sure you guys are part of a community, receiving Biblical teachings, and getting counsel for how to walk in what you guys are going through. The Christian life is not meant to be spent in isolation.

  • A True Believer

    I have been fortunate in my life to have a great faith. I have always prayed that no matter what happened in my life, I would always be a shining example of the trust I have in my Lord. You need a little back story here. When I was 21 my brother committed suicide. Since that time, I have had a niece and nephew do the same. I know that all three believed in God and his grace and goodness. I was bent, but I was not broken. I know that without Jesus, I would not have survived.

    Fourteen years ago this December, my mother suffered a stroke. She is capable of doing very little for herself, but we have been caring for her at home these years. She does not speak clearly, she does not walk, but in her eyes and heart we see the woman that has always been our mother. Thank you Jesus that she has never had a bed sore. Additionally, she has suffered three strokes, a heart attack, pneumonia three times, and more things than I can mention. We get her out of bed every day, give her a bath every day, etc., and we could not do any of this without Jesus. So many times there have been only one set of footprints in the sand. My mom is as alive as the day before her stroke. She just turned 90 and if you did not know she was an invalid, you would think she would get up and walk. She still laughs out loud at the Golden Girls, and enjoys all of her old reruns. She even reads the newspaper and goes to the obituaries right off the bat. She rubs my back or straightens my hair and I know it is all worth it. She sings happy birthday and even though all of the words are not plain, it is wonderful.

    Sorry to be sharing so much detail, but I feel I need to. I worked for a company for 19 years, got my degree 2012 (Bachelors), lost my job in 2012 (moved to another state), and did not immediately look for a job because three sisters were planning surgeries that were not elective (primary caregivers with me). Also, diagnosed with cancer myself that is now in remission. I know everyone has stories just like me.

    Searching for a job, I just found out that my inaction regarding my student loans is ruining my credit. Who will want to hire me? I am a great individual, honest, hard working, and this will stop someone from seeing. Please pray for me and my family. I know that Jesus has something in store for me and that through him, all things are possible. I can’t even begin to repay those loans without a job. It just seems like a mountain – and I need your prayers.

    You must see that God has been so good to me, I do. I am on bended knee and praying for guidance. I need the Holy Spirit to minister tome.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Daniel

    I have been incredibly not humble in the past and reading this points out a lot of good. The greatest fact is that GOD WILL be GOD forever. sweet!!!!!

    • That’s awesome Daniel!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Guest

    Dear Mike,
    It is hard for me to be humble because all I know is to fight and defend myself. I want to trust God, but it’s difficult. Sometimes, I look at God like he’s wrong to ask me to apologize to people who have hurt me, but I do it anyway. Although, I despise doing what God asks me to do, I humble myself and do it. My fear is that God is going to humble me before the eyes of my enemies, and that hurts. Sometimes, I feel as if he doesn’t even know me. As if he’s a stranger. Humility is so foreign to me. I don’t even know what it looks like. I compare humility to being a slave or something, but who wants to be a slave? And what are the benefits of being humble? Okay, God promises to exalt you, but in due time. In the words of YouTube sensation, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I just hate feeling down about myself especially in front of people who don’t want the best for me or see the best in me looking on. I just don’t want to look bad in front of those who wish me evil. Sometimes, I feel as if God in his sovereignty doesn’t consider my weakness…I’m a very weak person. I’m Weak.

  • Guest

    Dear Mike,
    It is hard for me to be humble because all I know is to fight and defend myself. I want to trust God, but it’s difficult. Sometimes, I look at God like he’s wrong to ask me to apologize to people who have hurt me, but I do it anyway. Although, I despise doing what God asks me to do, I humble myself and do it. My fear is that God is going to humble me before the eyes of my enemies, and that hurts. Sometimes, I feel as if he doesn’t even know me. As if he’s a stranger. Humility is so foreign to me. I don’t even know what it looks like. I compare humility to being a slave or something, but who wants to be a slave? And what are the benefits of being humble? Okay, God promises to exalt you, but in due time. In the words of YouTube sensation, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I just hate feeling down about myself especially in front of people who don’t want the best for me or see the best in me looking on. I just don’t want to look bad in front of those who wish me evil. Sometimes, I feel as if God in his sovereignty doesn’t consider my weakness…I’m a very weak person.

  • Lyn

    Dear Mike,

    It is hard for me to be humble because all I know is to fight and defend myself. I want to trust God, but it’s difficult. Sometimes, I look at God like he’s unfair to ask me to apologize to people who have hurt me, but I do it anyway. Although, I despise doing what God asks me to do, I humble myself and do it. My fear is that God is going to humble me before the eyes of my enemies, and that hurts. Sometimes, I feel as if he doesn’t even know me. As if he’s a stranger. Humility is so foreign to me. I don’t even know what it looks like. I compare humility to being a slave or something, but who wants to be a slave? And what are the benefits of being humble? Okay, God promises to exalt you, but in due time. In the words of YouTube sensation, Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I just hate feeling down about myself especially in front of people who don’t want the best for me or see the best in me looking on. I just don’t want to look bad in front of those who wish me evil. Sometimes, I feel as if God in his sovereignty doesn’t consider my weakness…I’m a very weak person.

    • Thank you for sharing Lyn. I’d encourage you the read the Bible to get an idea of just how much God loves you. Jesus should be the biggest encouragement to you in the fact that God loves you so much, He sent His one and only son to die….and then rising from the grave, He defeated death and sin in victory.

      Jesus is enough.

      So when you are doubting if God is there or is hearing you or cares for you, look to Jesus. There would be no reason for Jesus to go through what He went through, if God didn’t immensely care for you.

      We can also look to Jesus for the ultimately example of what true humility is. Jesus defines humility, not the culture. Our culture defines humility is a “slave or being weak”, but was Jesus either one of those thing?

      I’d read the Bible, pray, and become part of a Church if you’re not one already to help be a part of community, which you are designed for. That would be a huge first step!

  • Lyn

    Hi Mike,
    I’m sorry for reposting my comments three times. It was by accident. Would you mind deleting the ones under Guest. The correct one is under my name.
    Thanks very much!

  • Joel

    Hi Mike, are there any practical ways that you can share on how to humble yourself before God?

    • Hey Joel, great question!

      In regards to this topic and the post, I’d say a few things like this:

      Stop Putting Everything on Your Shoulders
      -Evaluate your schedule and priorities for what you’re doing each week. Does it glorify God, really? Is it the wisest use of your time vs a “good” use?
      -What do you need to let go of and trust more of God in? I’m sure somewhere, somehow, you are trying to control something you shouldn’t be.

      Trust in God’s Character
      -How often are you reading the Bible?
      -How often are you praying?
      -Doing things like this will develop your trust more and more in Him and should keep pride on the sidelines.

      Look at the Humility of Jesus
      -Use Jesus as your model for everything you do.
      -Read about how Jesus lived, do you live anything like that?
      -Are you making disciples? That will grow your dependency on Him, not to mention we are commanded to do this.

      Those are some examples and things to think on. Hope that helps! Thanks Joel!

  • Lorentz


    Thank you for this post. I have been looking on Christ to clothe me with His virtue (love, humility, patience, discernment, etc) but i was getting impatient with the long wait. This morn i realised one thing . . . that God cannot build His foundation on a man’s pride. There’s a subtle pride that we don’t normally realise and we normally ask things from God “to consume it upon our lusts”(James 4:3). I became aware of my pride and I learnt that that has to be completely destroyed so that God can build His own foundation in my life.

    Pride is driven away by humility. Try not to be somebody out of your own machinations but lay bare everything before God.

  • Dom

    I am at breaking point and hopeless despair in the pursuit that ego and rebellion and pride hath lead me astray, my associations only were for attention, making it about me, and so not about him, I feel convicted tonight to change my ways pastor, no longer am I going to push everyone God put their for a reason away and no longer am I going to live for the wrong things. Bring on humility in JESUS name.

    • That’s great Dom, thank you so much for sharing! Love hearing that God is drawing you in and that you are wanting to follow Jesus!

      I’d encourage you to read the Bible, pray, and become part of your local Church immediately since God doesn’t call us to live a life of isolation, but within community. Appreciate you sharing!

  • C. G.

    Trying to give it to God…anxiety is still there. A big issue. Husband was arrested after an argument between us. Weapon was involved as an “implied threat.” However, it was in a holster/ case thing & his hands weren’t on it. We’ve been married 32 yrs. I’ve been a Christian for 28 yrs. I wanted charges dropped. State has taken over the case, it is out of my hands plus the court put on a Protective Order [can’t even talk to each other]. This is unreal. How do you Cast this Burden on Jesus and believe “good” will come of it?? Husband is not saved yet…but he thinks he is a good person. He has never hit me nor ever placed a weapon into an argument before. Any wisdom? Please pray !!

    • Hey C.G. thank you for sharing.

      I don’t want to talk like I’ve been through this before so I won’t, but I know that God has a purpose in everything that He does. Whether it’s this situation, or someone facing cancer, or someone like Joseph in the Old Testament being sold into slavery, God knows exactly what He is doing and He doesn’t make mistakes.

      I would continue to pray for God to move and save your husband, and for you to be reading your Bible, praying, and being involved in your local Church. Having time with The Lord will help you depend on Him more often and see what He is calling you to do as you make disciples and spread the Gospel.

      Hope this helps!

    • Fiedel Gopaul

      C.G, hope you are well. I tried replying to your post, see my post as part of the discussion.

  • Fiedel Gopaul

    Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and HE will lift you up. Jesus humbled himself by being obedient, obedient to the point of the cross. Being Obedient is mostly to believe that God can do it. God can turn that situation around, like he did for the three Hebrew boys. The turning point for us is to Believe that GOD can do it. Your husband needs to know that it is out of your control to help the situation, so that when he is released from this situation without even the ‘smell of the fire on him”, he will know that its only GOD that could have done it. If you do not want to proceed with the charge against your husband, all you need to do is inform the state that you have resolved the matter by means of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The state will then probably only proceed on the charge related to the firearm, and since your husband did not technically point or discharge the firearm, the case against him seems very slim. Be that as it is, GOD has HIS own ways of resolving the matter. Remember, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and…

    • Fiedel Gopaul

      C.G, hope you are well. I tried replying to your post, see my post as part of the discussion.
      praying for you and hubby.
      God bless you.

  • struggling one

    I am learning to humble myself again. I am in a situation that is so extreme that I find it harder now to be humble.

    • Thank you for sharing. It’s always great to look at the cross and what Jesus has done for us to see the best example we have of humility and then, let Him lead us to be humble towards others in how we love them because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

  • Lakeshia Swope

    Im just learning how to humble myself because I use to let every little thing get under my skin but for the last couple of nights I have not been able to sleep so I know my god is trying to tell me something…… Instead of me running from him I’m running to him and I’m searching for him because I want to be able to be worthy of him and dwell in his presences forever…

    • Thanks for sharing Lakeshia. I think a lot of us feel unworthy before a perfect and holy God and the reality is, we are. We are still sinful each and every day, but that is the beauty of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Not only do we have forgiveness of sins, but now when God sees us, He sees Jesus covering us by His sacrifice, making us now worthy, children of God.

      That is great news! I would encourage you to read one of the Gospels in the Bible and keep reading it each day to help you remember what Jesus has done for you and if you follow Christ, that are you forgiven for all your past, present, and future sins!

  • Theo

    I thank God for coming across this, and the many spirit lifting comments. Indeed, the way up is down. Like many of you, I do struggle with pride as well, even now, than I ever could imagine.
    God has blessed me with more understanding, wisdom, and health than many people. However, with more wisdom and education comes the temptation that we can apply those talents and education to everything (not too bad to do so) but easily FORGETING THE SOURSE OF THE WISDOM AND EDUCATION, AND TAKING OWNERSHIP OF THE GLORY SO AS TO GET THE ATTENTION AND FAME WE ENJOY. And this is where I have failed big time. And there could be no better definition of pride that than relying on our own understanding.
    Pray for me as I remember you too concerning the sin that robs most of us, even good Christians!!!!
    Theo is my name

    • Thanks so much for sharing Theo!

    • hannah



    Thank you very very much. I read it out loud every day and what a difference I feel.

    • Wow that’s incredible…thank you so much for sharing!

  • dontae

    I am 13 years old and i want to learn how to humble myself early in life so it will not be so hard to change later can u help me to humble myself any comments or steps to take.

    • Hey Dontae, thanks so much for sharing and that’s awesome that you want to humble yourself before The Lord!

      It’s always tricky to know what people mean by that, but I’m hoping it’s to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Have you read through the post? I would consider reading carefully through the post in how to humble yourself as you look to Jesus and what He did for you, forgiving all of your past, present, and future sins, and how choosing to follow Him for the rest of your life is an excellent start to humbling yourself before The Lord.

      Does that help?

  • Drea Drea

    This is very helpful. I think its really Great that you take time to read the comments and reply. God bless you for helping his people.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, very encouraging! Appreciate it!

  • Alma van Wyk

    This was truly a word from God. I needed this! YOU ARE WORTHY OF IT ALL.

    • Awesome Alma!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • awebb4

    A coworker suggested i red Janes 4:10 I was almost offended. Because like most I misinterpreted what humble means. But after reading this I know and understand why she told me read that verse. Great read and very easy to understand.

    • Awesome man, thanks for sharing. It would be great if you went back to that co-worker and told him/her about your experience…I bet they would be really encouraged by that!

      • awebb4

        I told almost immediately she just smiled lol.

  • hannah

    Wow this was beautiful, it brought me to tears / God bless you. Question: Does humbling yourself mean giving everything to god? How do you humble yourself without hating yourself?

    • Thanks Hannah!

      I think humbling ourselves does mean turning over everything to God and trusting Him that He is greater and knows more than us. Jesus humbled Himself so why can’t we humble ourselves? He is our great example with this.

      Jesus is another great example to your second question…He didn’t hate Himself when He humbled Himself and neither should we. We are admitting we need a Savior and trusting in Jesus when we do this….not because we hate ourselves…but because of how much God loves us, which should show us the value that God places on our lives.


    Thank you for this. Its 3am in the morning and it was just in my spirit to look up how 2 humble myself. This really blessed me cause I’m facing alot of issues that i have no control over and i need GOD 2 take the wheel. PRAY FOR ME N MY FAMILY AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOURS N YOUR MINISTRY TO FLOURISH. THANK YOU

    • Love hearing that Larue! Thank you so much for sharing and know you can trust that Jesus is enough if you follow Him. His model of humility for us on top of the fact that we can be forgiven for all past, present, and future sins if we believe in Him and follow Him is amazing!

  • Mary

    Sometimes I have a hard time believing God cares about me. I have been saved for 12 years now but about the last 11 years I haven’t heard from God. He use to talk to me and one day I realized He had stopped talking. I am very discouraged about my relationship with Him. I am scared that I am no longer saved. I also am married and my husband is not saved and is not a believer. It is very hard for me to live as a true christian should. Please pray for my husbands salvation and my relationship with the Lord to grow. I desperately want to hear from Him again.

    • Thank you for sharing Mary.

      While I can’t speak to where you are exactly at, what I can encourage you with is that salvation is made available to all for those who believe and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If you have done that and are following Jesus, you are saved…forever.

      God doesn’t stop talking to us and primarily speaks to us through His Word. How often are you reading the Bible? By reading this, every day, God is literally speaking to you through that because those are His Words, not ours. It’s not a matter of God stopping to speak to us, but more of we are not coming to Him or listening to Him. This is common for all of us.

      Jesus alone proves the point how much God cares for you so there’s no question there. Are you a part of the Church? By reading the Bible, praying, and being a part of the Church, I can promise you that you will hear from The Lord and find comfort in Him. You need community, especially in how you walk with your husband, which I’ll be praying for. Check out this recent post in regards to community to help you out as well –

      Hope that helps! Will be praying!

  • Rhonda

    I thank you so much for this word. I have been struggling financially for quite sometime and I too began to feel that God gave up on me. I then began to do things on my own and my a bigger mess of my finances. I kept coming up short for to pay my bills and stop paying my tithes because creditors don’t understand they just want their money. I started going to casinos hoping to win only to get deeper in debt. I stop going to church because I was ashamed to be in service when it was offering time. I recall attending bible study one night and I gave all I had for the offering. When my Pastor counted the offering she said ” Don’t come in here without at least $5″. That night all I had was $2 to my name and I gave it. Needless to say I stopped going unless I had $5. I recall a time when I paid my tithes and the next day my electricity was disconnected, but I did what I knew or thought was the right thing to do. I am self distructing and now I’m asking God to forgive me for not trusting Him 100%. How do I get pass this?

    • Hey Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing. While it’s never an easy thing to go through something like this, I think I can offer you encouragement. If you have asked God to forgive you and you have put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, then you ARE forgiven and HAVE been saved. Once you become a follower of Jesus, all your past, present, and future sins have been forgiven. You’re humbling yourself and asking for forgiveness so take one look at Jesus and what He has done for you…and then trust that God has actually forgiven you.

      There is no longer condemnation for those who trust in Jesus the Bible says so you need not to walk in condemnation from this day forward if you follow Jesus and trust you are saved and free. That should free you up to serve The Lord through the Church and to make disiciples, trusting that God will provide for you one day at a time, including with your finances. I think the best starting point for you is to remind yourself of the Gospel and walk with confidence.

      Here’s some Scripture on forgiveness I also think you should read that will help –

      Thanks so much!

  • Dominic Rodriguez

    Worry of finding work again. Just got laid off yesterday. He’s given me many tools to use and ones that I’ve been sharpening (figure of speech). Pride, for about 27 years I thought I was dumb due to grades in school and how most didn’t understand my deep level thinking but come to figure out, I was just thinking far too deep for most people that can’t keep up – now pride steps in and am ready to combat with anybody.

    I’ve been getting better and see where YaH is humbling me.


    • Thanks for sharing Dominic. It’s great to see God reveal to you those areas of pride for you to repent from and give over to the Lord as you follow Him. Appreciate you sharing and continue to press in to The Lord so you can be a faithful disciples that makes disciples because of what Jesus has done for you.

      • Dominic Rodriguez

        Thank you for taking the time to respond! :)

  • Liezl Torino

    Hello P.S Mike Mobley,
    Liezl here

    I got a lot from this post. I have a problem about my work now, my probation period will end this September 30,2015 and i ask God for a regularization because i really need financial breakthrough as i live alone now because both my parents were past away, i am just renting a bed space because we don’t have our own house. As i read my devotional this morning, he gave this word to me in “Numbers 32: 28-33” this verses really strikes my mind and believe this is the word of God for my work but the problem is, the verses are not really clear to me. i don’t really know what God is telling me thru this verses. May you please help me interpret this verse?
    I will be grateful for any help you could give. May God give you wisdom as you give me an advise in Jesus name i pray.

    • Thanks Liezl so much for sharing.

      I think in what you referenced, one of the main takeaways was their obedience to trust God because He is faithful.

      In verse 31, they mention “What the Lord has said to your servants, we will do.”

      This is because they can look back and see God’s faithfulness. Just like we can today…we can look back and we can look to Jesus to see how faithful God is.

      I believe what God is doing is reminding you that He is faithful and that you can trust Him in the situation you are in or whatever it is He is leading you through. Whether it’s battles and armies (like in the passage you included) or it’s something else we are facing today…The Lord is unchanging and has always been faithful, and will always remain faithful.

      Hope that helps!

  • Paula

    I want humbly to thank the Lord. I am dire circumstances myself. I questioned him in ways. Why aren’t you here. I was praying for help for myself. There was another situation.I It seemed more desparate than my own. The Lord answered my prayers for the other. It made me know again he is here. Thank you Lord for helping my mom.

  • Biola

    Thank You for sharing.
    On several occasions God has proved himself to me. He taught me how to trust in him Ps 37:3-5 for my promotion at work place and it happened even when my boss wanted to bring another person for the position. Am trusting him for something very great now and he just reminded me this morning how he gave me something I so much desired in the past. To me Humility = Obedience = Holiness.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Biola! Awesome to hear about how God has been working in your life and continuously leading you to humility!

  • Ashley Noel Johnson

    Thanks for sharing this truth.. I needed to hear this.. Pray for me as I set my eyes upon Jesus and rely on Him to pull me out of this slump …this time of year is a tough one for me

    • Thanks so much for sharing Ashley! Keep pressing on and spending time with The Lord as you follow Jesus through this season!!

    • Bettathen Uraverage

      Sure will

  • Maria

    You know….this i came across randomly and it was right on time. God bless the person who wrote this, hour truly have the holy spirit. I really meedes to hear/read this, especially now that im going thru this wilderness.

    Muchas Gracias. May God of the bible bless you tremendously!!!!!!????

    • maria

      *You truly have the holy spirit

    • Oh wow, thanks so much Maria! Really appreciate the encouragement and love to hear how God is working through the post for you!

  • DJ Wright

    Feeling really beat up and defeated concerning my love ones, regarding their healing, deliverance & salvation. This is what I needed to hear. I can’t save them or heal them. I know God can; it just seems like after 35 years I would have the manifestation of it by now. I know, I know, you’re probably gonna say I need patience right? But that is a long time, especially when you hear and read testimonies of people saying I prayed and God just brought them on in and saved them…. I believe he has done the work; but the waiting and seeing their situation is very draining. So I want to just let it go, but I need help and prayers. Please keep me in prayer! Throught tear stained eyes “almost”, I say thank you all!

    • Thanks so much DJ for sharing and I’m right there with you on praying for loved ones. I bet a lot of people can relate to this!

      I don’t want to just say “have patience” and wrap things up like that, but I’d remind you (and I need this reminder as well) that we serve a good Father who has given His Son for us. And that Jesus is very patient with us when we still turn away from Him at times. That can be a great encouragement for both of us as we continue to follow Jesus and pray daily for salvation of our loved ones and others!

  • Thanks Mary!

  • no ramirez

    I really needed this thank you

  • Joshua Thompson

    I work a dangerous job away from home. I have almost a year experience doing this kind of work and my wife is a stay at home mom. We have four kids and a mountain of bills. I changed jobs to get more home time but with that I took a pay cut. I don’t think that with the experience I have I should start at the bottom of the barrel and I feel should have at least been in a position of experience and not someone who is at the very bottom. I’m good at what I do but it seems no one sees it. I’m so worried about the money and the bills and it gets frustrating. Being with my crew I have to stay strong. It tears me up I’m upset and I have to put on a mask for however long I’m here to act strong. On the inside I’m crying. All the what ifs are hitting all at once. What if I can’t pay my bills what’ll happen. I have it all on me and we have a daughter on the way. I get discouraged. What do I do?

    • Thanks so much for sharing Joshua…really appreciate you being vulnerable and sharing information like that. I don’t want to give you a quick answer like a “quick fix” or anything or make it sound like it’s no big deal, but let me try to encourage you as best as I can from a blog post comment.

      I can’t imagine your schedule and responsibilities you have leaving you much extra time, but I’d really encourage you to not do this alone. If you follow Jesus, God has not called us to live a life of isolation, but to do life within a community. As we make disciples, we do that while being part of the Church at the same time.

      I would bet if you guys got involved in your church, there would be some help they can offer in terms of either money or equipping you towards better employment, finding you employment, etc. Most of all, they can pray for you and keep having conversations with you about this so you don’t do this in isolation.

      So many men want to just “lead” and “provide” in a way where we can sometimes forget God is the leader and provider for us and our families. We also tend to isolate ourselves for “many various manly reasons,” but in an act of humility…and because Jesus humbled Himself…we too need to humble ourselves (like you’re doing with your comment), and seek out help within the Church and pray to God as your provider to spend more time with Him and I promise, He will direct your path.

      Lastly, read Scripture. Check this out and read through it slowly as you pray and remind yourself of what God has done for you. It’ll help!

  • LongHaul

    I came across this website because I was looking for answers to see if I was humbling myself correctly.

    I am one day 2 of an intended 7 day fast for deliverance for my son.

    It appears he is losing his mind.

    We have been to multiple psychiatrists, 2 neurologists, 2 pyschologists, had multiple lab works done, had an MRI done, multiple prescriptions, you name it.

    The psychiatrists could agree on nothing except billing us excessively. Not one ever even gave us a guess, I mean, diagnosis. It wasn’t until I requested medical records that I had any insight into what they were thinking. As long as the money rolled in, what did they care. I read things in those files that they’d never said out loud to us. Such is modern psychiatry. I am convinced that that profession makes no one well.

    This started 4 years ago with him running through the house hitting himself.

    It progressed to bizarre body and facial movements, talking out loud to himself, smiling inappropriately, etc.

    Once I had to go out out town and left him alone. He burned a mark into the kitchen tile. The fire department had to be called. He ruined the over range microwave and melted the buttons on the stove. The kitchen had to be repainted and the soot cleaned off the blinds and out of the carpet.

    He lost his keys. Re-keying was over $200. The medications cause him to wake in the night and eat like a horse. Of course he leaves a mess.

    He had to leave school. He constantly thinks of the same scenario. His thoughts run away with him and he cannot control them.

    I know God can heal him. I know that Jesus could heal him instantly.

    Many things about me have come to light throughout this ordeal.

    I have seen intense impatience and anger, along with my longtime companions -fear and depression- come to the front like never before. I know I am being refined. I know I need it.

    What I don’t know is if I will have to go to my grave wondering what will become of my son.

    I am at the point of putting my beloved, once adroit son, in a home. I can’t bear the bizarre behaviors anymore. I hate looking at him in the face because he looks bizarre; no longer like the person he was.
    I am grateful he is not a violent or disrespectful person. He is very mild manner and will do what he is told…if he remembers.

    So I fast because I have no where else to turn. Everything is in God’s hands and both my son and I, our whole family really, needs a miracle. It is the last hope I have.

    If you could pray for us, I would appreciate it.

    • Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. It would be hard for me to give you all the right answers to this through so I don’t want to come across like I have all the answers, but I know God is good. His Goodness is shown through His Son, Jesus. And we can know this for sure because the Bible says it’s true.

      That being said, I would make sure you’re following Jesus in a life of community and the Church so you don’t do things like this alone and as you seek out God to make wise decisions, just take it one day at a time praying for your son’s salvation. I’m not sure what else you can do at this point (or what else anyone can do when it comes to someone’s salvation) besides continual requests to God and trusting that He is good. That is something you can do each and every day for your son and whoever else you’d like to pray for.

      I’d make sure you’re within the Church to walk this road with other brothers and sisters in Christ who will point you to the cross and point you to the Bible in every circumstance.

      I will definitely be praying for the situation for sure!

      • LongHaul

        Thank you Mike.
        Fortunately, my son does know the Lord.That is part of the reason we are all so perplexed. Because we know what God can do, we don’t understand why He hasn’t healed my son, in a way that we can see, yet.
        All of the children were taught of the Lord. In fact, he still reads the Bible. It was his idea to fast in the first place based on Matt 17.
        No, the issue with my son is needing a miracle healing.
        That will be found no where on earth.
        Believe me, we’ve tried.
        For the next person out there, who does not know where to turn, I say only this:God has to be enough. Even when it hurts.

        It’s sad, but true.

        • Thanks again for sharing. Agreed on the fact that Jesus has to be enough…I think that is great advice for anyone else out there. I’d keep praying for God to heal him and to take things one day at a time seeking how to best glorify God in your situation. Really appreciate you sharing!

    • Chuck

      Please get him to read and study Neil T. Anderson’s book, “The Bondage Breaker” and work (whole-heartedly) through “The Steps To Freedom” at the end of the book.

      “There is a battle going on for our minds” Anderson states, and uses NT scripture to point to our Provision with very powerful and insightful writing.

      Lastly, there is a DVD video that though not as in depth, is very easy to do a quick study of… and then use the book as the guide.

      I highly recommend this material for the situation you described.

      Jesus Bless you and allow you to get this message, in Jesus’ Name!


      • LongHaul

        Thank you Chuck.
        I ordered the book.

    • Cheryes Ree Slade

      I pray a blood covering over the mind of your son and I rebuke bind and cast out tormenting spirit. I cancel the plan of the enemy and I ask our heavenly Father God to send His healing angels to give a sound mind..In the name of the Father, the Son and the precious Holy Ghost in Jesus name I pray ..Amen!!!

  • Keith Augusto

    God loves us AS WE ARE we only change when we embrace Gods love. JESUS ON THE CROSS….”I Thirst For You.” God wants us to be like Children…innocent kind gentle caring compassionate and so on. Mother Teresa KNEW Gods love. In her book she describes her love for Christ and its Power. Instead of listening to YOU BETTER DO THIS AND YOU BETTER DO THAT; understand that JAMES 2:13 MERCY rules OVER Judgement. So be merciful and God will be merciful. BE THAT CHILD!

  • Yesenia Ramirez

    My mom says that I need to humble myself to god but never have I been prideful …. I guess my mom sees something that I don’t see? I love god and I do trust that he will answer my prayers but at the same time I do feel upset because he sees me hurt he sees me suffer yet its been months since I was happy. so I do question myself why me lord? this is unfair? I may have not been the perfect disciple but I have not let you down like most people I know who are content who are enjoying life and i’m the one going through this…. so why me? I have cried unto you to please forgive my sins to give me an opportunity to start again…I have poured my soul with tears yet I see no sign. I don’t know how to be myself or give the best of me to others when i’m NOT HAPPY. IN ORDER FOR ME TO DO THAT I HAVE TO BE HAPPY. I HAVE TO REGAIN MY LIFE AGAIN. I just need the lord to answer me because I know I have sinned but others have sinned even worse than me and they are not being put through this. I have been sick for the past 6 months and I do feel hopeless and depressed.

    • Shannon McKnight

      I hope to encourage you with truth. No one has ever said that a life of faith was fair. Was it fair for Christ to be persecuted and die the most unimaginable death for you and me? Fairness is relative. If things were fair we would all be doomed to a life separated from God because of sin because that is what we deserve. I thank God that life is not fair! Sin is sin in God’s eyes. He does not differentiate between sin. Be very careful as a believer not to judge your brothers and sisters because their sin is “worse” than yours. We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God. Proverbs 6:16-19 says, “16 There are six things the Lord hates,
      seven that are detestable to him:
      17 haughty eyes,
      a lying tongue,
      hands that shed innocent blood,
      18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
      feet that are quick to rush into evil,
      19 a false witness who pours out lies
      and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.”

      Happiness comes from Christ and Christ alone. If fairness is what you seek then, speaking from experience, I believe you will be let down your whole life. I believe your heart to be in the right place. Happiness is not required in order to help others. Service to others when we are feeling down about ourselves or our situation is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to come back into the light and joy of Christ. Christ speaks to us most clearly in the difficult parts of our lives and it is this journey that becomes your testimony which you as a disciple use to tell others the Good News. Pride draws it’s strength from evil and that comes to the front when things are going well. We as humans tend to lean more on our own abilities and our own understanding (pride) when we are in the midst of accomplishment and accolades from others. Have you ever wondered why our greatest example that we are called to follow had no worldly possessions, lived his adult life essentially homeless and spent most of his time ministering to people deemed socially unacceptable? I often wonder how many Christians would even recognize Christ if he were on Earth with us today. I have learned that I must be intentional in noticing my own pride and constantly turning to my Savior in prayer. Feasting on the Word by reading Scripture to “renew my mind daily.” My greatest struggle in life continues to be pride. It is the root of all sin. Pray to God and ask him to grant you wisdom. With true wisdom comes humility because you realize that Christ is the ONLY thing that matters.

    • Hey Yesenia, thank you so much for sharing.

      Let me encourage you with a few things on this and the struggle your experiencing.

      If you’re a follower of Jesus and believe in who He is, what He did…how He died on the cross and paid the penalty for all past, present, and future sins…then rose again defeating death and sin in victory….then THAT is your sign.

      You say you ask for a sign, but God has already given it to you through His Son, Jesus.

      That is your sign and only should be your sign for the rest of your life. You really need to pray through that, read through the Gospels, and reflect on the fact that no matter how “good” or “bad” you or anyone is, the fact is that God sent His Son for all of us and Jesus died for us.

      There is no better or worse person out there because we ALL fall short of sin (Romans 3:23) and all need Jesus in order to be forgiven…forever.

      So be encouraged that you already have your sign. Be encouraged and find joy in the fact that if you follow Jesus…you’re forgiven, forever. Be encouraged that God has plans for you because if you’re breathing…there’s a reason. Be encouraged that God is in control, knows what He is doing…and now you can move forward confidently as a forgiven, follower of Jesus (if you are one) and can now serve God and others as you share the Gospel and live life with others.

      Hope that helps!!

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  • Robert Kane

    In order to enter the promise land one must cross the Jordan. Jordan means to descend and is also where John the Baptist said he must decrease that Christ might increase. It was shortly after that he was beheaded. Our head is what governs our body and spiritually speaking we to must decrease that He might increase. We are either crucifying Christ (living for our own flesh) or we are being crucified with Christ. If we are being crucified with Christ…that means we will also have our night in the garden of gethsemane (olive press). This is the place where Jesus cried out to the Father to remove the cup from His hand…yet He said not my will but yours be done. This is what Joshua’s (Jesus) was laying before those who would come after them…today I set before you life and death, choose life that you may live. Many disciples were following Jesus when He turned to them and presented the samething, He just worded it different knowing He was the way, the truth, and the LIFE. He said if anyone would come after Him they must deny themselves and take up their cross. That he who wants to save their life in this world would lose it, but anyone who would lose their life in this world for His sake would find it. Life is found on the otherside of death. The garden of gethsemane is the place our flesh is squeezed and we are faced with the discision to say our life in this world or to lose it for Christ (anointing) sake. Many disciples turn away at this point, because they cant entrust themselves to the one who will lead them through the valley of the shadow of death. The word of God says that if we live according to the flesh we will die. This is what was laid before us “life or death”. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. We are called to offer up our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God, this is your SPIRITUAL act of worship. Yesenia, you are a chosen one of God or your soul would not be crying out for encouragment from the cross you are bearing. You are right where He wants you…Like Elisha’s disciple, your spiritual eye’s have not been opened yet and so therefore all you are seeing is an army of horses and chariots that bring only pain and suffering and eventually death. In Christ we know we have overcome death. It is my prayer like Elisha’s that your SPIRITUAL eyes be open so that you can see death swallowed up in victory! So you can see the very horses and chariots that brought death with the fire of God burning within them so you can know that God is God of both the wicked and the righteous, living and the dead. Joseph said to his brother after they tried to destroy him “What you meant for evil, God meant for good…that through me many would be saved”. Abraham could not see the promise land until Lot (Veil) was removed. Lot is a symbol of our flesh that seeks the land east of the Jordan (descending), The land of self serving, self seeking, and self righteousness. The moment Lot departed Abrahams eyes were opened to the promise land. The covenant between God and Abraham and his descendant is circumcision…Spiritually speaking that is what happened the day lot (veil, curtail) was removed. Abrahams spiritual eyes were opened and He seen the realm of God! You may feel low…but you need to take SPIRITUAL pride in your highplace (In Christ). I leave you with a verse that has become very powerful in my own walk with God and I hope that it can feed you as well in your moments of weakness.

    Philippians 3:7-11
    7 But whatever things were gain to me, those things I have counted as loss for the sake of Christ. 8 More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish so that I may gain Christ, 9 and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith, 10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death; 11 in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.

    Yesenia you too have been given this same opportunity…embrace it and considerate all joy! You have been given the opportunity to walk with the way, the truth and the life.

    John 6:44-45

    44 No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. 45 It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by God.’ Therefore everyone who has heard and learnedfrom the Father comes to Me.

    John 6:65-69

    65 And He said, “Therefore I have said to you that no one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.”

    66 From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more. 67 Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?”

    68 But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. 69 Also we have come to believe and know that You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

    Many are called, but few are chosen. The pathway that leads to life is short and narrow (affliction) and few find it. Let Him turn your valley of achor into a door of hope! Fight the good fight of faith!

    You see we cannot live in our flesh and make it back to our Fathers house…The road home requires a CROSSing over point. It’s the place where it requires a trusting in His Spirit. Flesh is to weak for this leg of the journey. All the worries and concerns with this so called life will choke us out. We will try and save our life in this world and therefore lose it. So please let Him have His way with you…go all the way and let Him crucify you with Himself. Please stop looking at the wind and the waves (voices, influences, and people) to distract you from keeping your eyes on the author and prefecter of your faith.

    John 17:3
    This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

    See you at home sister ;)

    • LongHaul

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share with Yesenia. In doing so, you have blessed others. God bless you for making the effort to share.
      (May the Lord bless and open your eyes Yesenia:)

    • Liz

      Good evening Robert!!! Everything that you said was very well said!! Thank you!! :) It touch my heart. I would like to share a moment in my life, I once had to let go of someone I truly loved and I chosed God instead. The man I loved wasn’t my husband but he was a big distraction in my life, he was good man and a Christian in Christ but we were growing more emotionally then spiritually! My main focus wasn’t on God, it was on my desires (My flesh) I wanted a relationship with him but my relationship with God wasn’t solid, there was no foundation, no Alter in my home and my prayers weren’t so deep or humbling or even seven was connect to the HOLY SPIRIT. I am Christian that has God in her life but most importantly what I needed was to be summited to him!!! I trust God now then ever, my spiritual life is better because I rejected my self and grew spiritually in faith with the HOLY SPIRIT!! We all should trust God and put him first and in prayer every day and night. My prayer life became so powerful that now I’m speaking in tongues (The gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT, when your baptized in the name of Jesus Christ Acts 2:38) You shall recieve the gift of Holy Ghost! This is why its important to give the Lord all your heart your desires and your faithfulness in prayer, prayer gives power and strength to face any situation! I am so Glad I chose the KINGS OF KINGS, THE LORDS OF LORDS instead of my self-seeking!! Its important to REPENT EVERY DAY FOR ALL YOUR SINS SO THE LORD CAN HEAR YOUR PRAYER AND SUPPLICATIONS. For the Lord is not against us for he is for us. Let Jesus safe your soul, who ever is reading this and doesn’t summit to God is loosing eternal life, choose him first for he is THE ONLY WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. YOU GOT NOTHING TO LOOSE BUT TO GAIN! DELIGHT IN THE LORD AND HE WILL FILL ALL YOUR DESIRES FROM YOUR HEART!! MAKE THAT SACRIFICE EVEN IF IT KILLS YOUR FLESH, God gaved up everything from heaven, he gaved his ONLY begotten SON to pay the price of all sin, he choosed you, what are you going to sacrifice for him?? Don’t ever think he’s not reaching for you because he’s always reaching for us, it’s us that we draw away from him! Set your self free before the Lord and THE LORD WILL GUIDE YOU AND DIRECT YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO BE, TRUST IN HIM, HE IS GOD ALONE, LET HIM BE GOD! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING, YOU’RE NOT MISTAKE IN THIS WORLD, GOD HAS A PLAN TO PROSPER YOU AND NOT TO HARM YOU!!! DONT WHASTE ANYMORE TIME fixing YOU MISTAKES AND THINK YOU COULD LIVE THIS LIFE WITHOUTVGOD! ” FOR MY THOUGHTS ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS, NEITHER ARE YOUR WAYS MY WAYS, SAITH THE LORD!” (ISAIAH 55:8) ITS NOW OR NEVER!! I MIGHT NOT HAVE THE MAN I LOVE TODAY BUT I HAVE LIFE, MY NAME IS IN THE BOOK OF LIFE AND THAT MEANS MORE THEN ENOUGH TO ME!! BUT REMEMBER God wants you TO BE happy here on this earth too but just put him first in your life!! I know and hope that one day God will take me back to the guy I was in love with because his time is perfect and his ways are perfect!!! If THE GUT I LOVE is not the one it’s OK, he knows what’s good for ME AND FOR ALL OF US! I hope you guys read the word of God everyday, WHICH BY HEARING AND READING THE WORD OF GOD: BUILDS FAITH! The BIBLE HAS ALL the answers to face this world and it will help you to produce good fruits which will lead you to the FATHER!!! Love you all!!! God bless you all! -Liz

  • Beckann

    Ive been brought up in the traditional church. but now I know better. I’m dealing with issues I can’t seem to move myself out of the way. I want to but I’m not. I feel like I have one foot in and one foot out when it comes to my husband of 7 months just got married purchased a motorcycle and look like that’s his first love. the ring that was on my finger has swelled up to where I’ve asked him about another ring and basically that’s on hold because of the bike which is now something that is taking him away from us, when he once told me that it was for us to both ride on. now he’s riding it by himself leaving me to have no Hobbies where as this was his hobby before he met me and all I had was my children (from a previous marriage) and the hobby of what I had to do for them. His biker friend is living in Sin who is living in fornication and ask him why do I have to ride with them on the bike the time I used to ride with them often. I was told to humble myself and things will come around I don’t feel like and doing it I really feel angry and disgusted. we get into arguments not only about that but other things and I just don’t feel I’m ready to be humble but I know I must because I know God for myself and how He has worked things out in so many other facets. I just need to Quicken myself to be humble, but I’m finding it kind of hard to do that when I have so much to do and he’s around riding with his buddies.

    • Hey Beckann, thanks so much for sharing.

      I’m really sorry to hear about your situation. I’m not sure if you both are followers of Christ or not, but I’m going to assume so with my response. Being followers, are you guys a part of a local church? I would become part of a local church since you’re called to do that as Christians anyway and get yourselves within community, and seek out Biblical counsel.

      We aren’t made to live in isolation and so often, many of us stay there. We were made for community and need each other to spur one another on to love and good works.

      That being said, I would also seek out a Biblical marriage counselor. There are many things here that should be talked about for you as a wife and your husband as well. The fact you’re seeking out how to humble yourself is a GREAT thing and I think God is leading you in that way as a believer (if you are), but at the same time there are things that need to be addressed with your husband as well.

      Either way, if you guys follow Jesus, I’d encourage you to become part of a local church (that teaches the Gospel clearly) and seek out some counsel.

      Sure hope that helps!

  • Getta

    Good Morning I have never did anything like this before. I am coming to get some help with myself and possibly my marriage. I see myself walking away from what I love so much. So I guess this is a cry for help my whole life I raised in a Christian household. We went to church every sunday and I know God I believe, worship, and honor my lord and savior Jesus Christ. It seems like since me and my husband have gotten together 14 years. I was 18 and he was 21 we have grown so much and have 5 beautiful kids. We have happy times and bad. We are far not perfect or our marriage. Over the past 2 years our marriage is getting worse we aggressive arguing now to the point 2 times a week over stupid stuff. Now I have quit my job due to stress and issues in my marriage to work from home with my spouse. I constantly have to listen to my husband keep critic everything I do and say. He is always analzing EVERY single thing I do and say and it is very draining mentally. That it is starting to effect my role as a mother and wife and as a person in general. As long with the stress of negative bank accounts and needing money to just get back in the positive. WE both prayed for me to work from home and be with the kids and now it seems like we was bless with what we asked for and now it just feels like HELL. That I am starting to regret the Blessings that the lord has given us. My husband keep saying I need to Humble myself and my pride

    • Hey Mariea, thank you so much for sharing and I’m sorry for the struggles you are going through.

      I don’t know you two personally so I don’t know if you follow Jesus or not, however I’m going to respond like you are. If you’re not, then maybe we can discuss more what it means to follow Jesus.

      If you’re a follower, I’d ask you what church are you and your husband a part of? Since followers of Jesus are called to be part of the local church body since we all play a role within the church, where is that for you guys? Have you talked with your pastor about this? Have you sought out counseling? What about with your brothers and sisters in Christ in community?

      I’d encourage you to get within community to have these tough conversations and to walk through things together since we are not called to isolation. We’re tempted when struggles come up to do it alone, but the Bible tells us as soon as we are followers of Christ, we join a community…the church.

      So if you guys are a part of the church, please seek out your pastor, leaders, and community to start working through this. If you’re not part of the church, I would say to become part of one very soon.

      You can trust as a follower of Christ you and your husband have been forgiven for all eternity. There are things to work through in every marriage and there’s a season for everything and especially in the tough ones, we need to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross and that we need to go to Him daily for that reminder and to step forward day to day.

      Hope that helps!

      • Mariea

        Thank You Mike I really deep down think that is what we need to do is find a church home. I have my child hood church back in my hometown that I am a member at and vice versa for my husband. We leave quite a distance from mine or his. We do read the bible and occasionally go to physical church.

        • Awesome, thanks for sharing Mariea! I think that’d be a great step!!

  • Mazzie

    Good morning, I also have never done this before! My situation is my husband of 28 years who was a Christian packed his bags and left me 2 years ago whilst I was at an evening church service. We had been going through a rough patch and I went to my church oversight for help and they thought it would sort its self out. I also went to a phycologist as I was feeling confused and trying to understand how the man I have loved for nearly 30 years could all of a sudden treat me like his own personal maid/slave as I did everything for him down to cleaning his shoes. I did not mind doing this as I was a “stay at home wife”, but he became more and more distant to me, preferring to be out at work meetings than to spend time with me. 4 weeks after leaving and I had to get a job for the first time in 28 years, I found a photo of him and his lady friend on FB! His family have accepted her, which in 28 years never accepted her, we are still married and have not reached a settlement, which is going through the courts! He is playing one son off the other(God blessed us with 2 beautiful sons – which I thank Him for everyday) which hurts me deeply and I daily hand that hurt to my Heavenly Dad. My problem is after being a Christian since a child , I struggle with the thought that God knew this was to happen before time, yes there may have been warning signs along the way(it turns out this woman has been on the scene for some years), but I felt that God abandoned me. I know now He didn’t, but I don’t trust me! I am in a very difficult job, but because of lack of skills it’s all I can do and God is providing for me. I try to thank Him but because of my lack of trust in me I feel like I’m so ungrateful and that it flows into maybe I don’t trust God! I love God with my whole heart the church turned its back on me and believed it was my fault that my marriage ended. I’ve found another church to go to, but it has knocked my faith in me!

    • Mac Johnson

      Hello how you doing I was studying and I happen to run across this message as a Young Man as a young man I’ve been to a similar situation I have 8 children but what I found out through my struggles a separation if you can find Apostolic Church that really preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ it will lift your feet up and strengthen you and X that you would never imagine just saw him the true Gospel of Jesus Christ at age 47 I found out that the Lord will put people in your life to straighten you out your daily struggles it is Mother s in the church we give you what you need and help you to make it through when you were weak and can’t get up and you feel hopeless we all need someone we can not make this alone I went from 70 or 80 thousand a year to $200 every two weeks when I lost all my weight and look like I couldn’t move I felt some pick me up and gave me strength to go on you can do it I believe you can do it is something better for you that’s what we’re here for to pick up one another you can make it from a man went to 240 pounds down to 160 and now I’m back up to 2:10 I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide you and lead you to the right place at the right time with the right people have a blessed day?

    • Thanks so much Mazzie for sharing. I’m so sorry for this situation and hearing of him walking away the way he did. I’m also sorry for how the situation played out within that specific local church. I obviously don’t know the details so can’t speak into that specifically, but can tell you there are churches out there that teach the Gospel and have pastors, leaders, brothers and sisters in Christ who can come around you in community and help you walk through this, together.

      That specific local church may have let you down, but God will not let you down and those who are faithful in following Jesus will come alongside you during these moments.

      I think it’s fair to have real struggles and sometimes doubt God and His Faithfulness, but we have the Holy Spirit who is our teacher and brings remembrance to us of all things (John 14:26). We are forgetful people and in hard situations, sometimes we forget what matters most. That’s why we need God to remind us of His faithfulness and nothing will do that sooner then looking at the cross and what Jesus has done in your life.

      I think the best thing to point you to is the cross, how if you’re a follower of Jesus…you’re forgiven…forever. And trust in that forgiveness, He will also give you strength and wisdom to handle today, and the next day, and the day after that. I’d read the Bible, pray, be a part of the local church, be involved in making disciples, and treat everything one day at a time and watch how The Lord will lead you and provide for you.

      Hope that helps!

  • Wanita

    Praising God for this post. This was confirmation of everything the Lord was speaking to my heart about. The Lord wants all of my trust…not just some of it. He wants us to leave all of our worries at his feet. In doing so, it is honoring him in obedience.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Wanita! Great encouragement and great points!!

  • Myrene Magabo

    Just like many of you, this article just come right at me as I am searching for wisdom. Right after I was just thinking of the possible beauty of learning how to be extra humble in times of trials — when things are bringing us down to the most humbling situation. I must trust God that He will soon lift me up. Thanks indeed for this message!

    • Awesome Myrene! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Myrene Magabo

        Thanks for taking time to acknowledge our thoughts! I shared your article to some people who are not Internet savvy or have less access to the Internet. I hope you wouldn’t mind me saving your article in PDF format. It is truly worth revisiting it, and reading it flows like a prayer within the heart.

        • Myrene Magabo

          By the way, I shared your article in Facebook.

          • Awesome, thanks so much Myrene. Hope the post helps a lot of people!!

  • Tee Love

    Thank you for sharing. This was well needed.

    • Of course! Thanks for sharing as well Tee!!

  • Regine

    Yes i do have a hard time being humble. Im guessing because i feel i dont have to take nothing from no one but after reading this im going to pray that god help me fix it nd live the way he wants me to i need gods help i really do.

    • Awesome, thanks so much for sharing Regine!!

  • Tonya

    I have always been a caregiver and to my family and friends growing up I’ve always had a hard time speaking up for myself and my children which later on in my life I have come to realize that that only made me weak and people started to take full advantage of my kindness so I started showing people that just because I’m small in size and kind at heart doesnt mean it’s okay to mistreat me or my kids I found myself becoming a person to this day I’m not happy with,its not me and it hurts for me to do others the way they do me it bothers my mind and my heart so now my anxiety is getting worst people say I worry to much so now reading what was posted about humbling yourself is something I really want to do cause I can’t do it alone each day is a challenge cause I’m battling with different things every day my life has been a struggle dealing with my children and bills my health insurance mean I really want change in my life I’m ready to give up control and become a humble believer if that make sense can you help me

  • Thab Kat

    How do you know after praying that your sins have been washed (forgiven)?

  • Thab Kat

    I have noted that a lot many people get humbled when they are going thru life challenges, sicknesses etc…but when its all joy, they exalt themselves…how true is this in your obeservations?

    • Great point Thab. Oftentimes we forget to run to God until we are in a trial. It’s important to remember to run to God every day and spend time with Him. Good days, bad days, trial days, etc. All in all, if we spend time with God, we will grow in our relationship with Him.

  • victorwood

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  • Jenn

    I have alot of trouble trying to humble my self. I do anything for our church and eveyone in it and I’ll give and do anything to build up God’s kingdom in eveything I do. But I just can’t seem to humble my self before him . I know with all I have that God is king and he is the center of my life. Now why can’t I just let him have evey bit of my anxiety, all my cares and trust in him ? I’ve struggles with allowing other ppl to help me I’m a strong willed person and I’ve always done it on my own so idk why I can’t get my flesh to allow me to just be eveything God wants me to be . I’ve use to to be on fire for God and now I just feel here latly my fire is starting to be watered down ..

    • Hey Jenn,

      Thanks so much for sharing. I know it takes a big amount of vulnerability to share things like this. Let me first encourage you that the fact that you have the desire to humble yourself and that you’re even reaching out…is proof that God is in fact working in your life and you are growing as a follower of Jesus.

      It’s such a difficult thing to give over ourselves to Christ…100%. I think it will be an ongoing battle until Jesus returns or until we die, but nevertheless, it is a worthy thing to continue to strive for because Jesus strived for us.

      I would pray, read the Word, talk about it within your community at church, and ask God to reveal to you the areas that you aren’t giving over. Chances are there are some specifics areas within your life that can point to where the struggle is. Trust that you are praying to the same God who sent His Son for you so He wants you to pray, He wants to listen, He wants to reveal these things to you to make you more like Him.

      All too often (myself included) we conjure up many things that stand in the way of us simply going before God and spending time with Him. We feel guilty, not worth it, that God doesn’t have the time, maybe God isn’t interested, or throw the whole thought away like it’s not worth it and move on to the next day.

      Let today be the day where you don’t move on. Let today be the day you pray and confess everything you’d ever want to confess to God. Let today be the day that after you spend time with God, praying, reading the Bible, etc. you can stand up with your head held high knowing Jesus is with you in every circumstance and loves you like a daughter….yesterday….today…and forever.

  • Pam wilkison

    This article has really help me as I was feeling that God left me out and loved everyone but me and my family and children. I received the Lord I don’t early age but there’s been so many disappointments along the way a loss of a child, divorce, lots of surgerys and much sickness. When I read this article it was very interesting and I brought light to a lot of things thank you so much for posting yes this has been life-changing for me and I have made notes once again thank you so much

    • Thank you so much for sharing Pam. Love that God spoke to you through this post to remind you how much He does indeed care for you and how He is working in all matters!

  • Thanks for this, Mike. Those of us who have been following God since childhood need exhortations and reminders to keep our faith fresh. Have a blessed Christmas! May God continue to bless this site.

    • Thanks so much Mary and really appreciate you sharing!

  • Frances

    I have alot of trouble trying to humble my self. I do anything for our church and eveyone in it and I’ll give and do anything to build up God’s kingdom in eveything I do. But I just can’t seem to humble my self before him . I know with all I have that God is king and he is the center of my life. Now why can’t I just let him have evey bit of my anxiety, all my cares and trust in him ? I’ve struggles with allowing other ppl to help me I’m a strong willed person and I’ve always done it on my own so idk why I can’t get my flesh to allow me to just be eveything God wants me to be . I’ve use to to be on fire for God and now I just feel here latly my fire is starting to be watered down ..

    • Thanks for sharing Frances. Typically we are our own worst enemy and the enemy likes to stick around in our head and tell us we are not good enough and makes us question ourselves all the time.

      A lot of this can come down to trust. Truly believing that what Jesus did was enough and that there is nothing we bring to the table. We have a hard time believing that and it’s a daily struggle but the more we realize we didn’t do anything, and Jesus did should bring us freedom and peace. If it brings us anxiety and chaos, I’d say that person is really not getting it quite yet.

      If God tells us what He has done is enough, we can believe Him and that’s that. It sounds too simple because it really is that simple. We don’t believe it because nothing seems that simple, but the yoke is easy and the burden is light with Jesus. He truly has done everything and that frees us up to love others because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

      Hope that helps!

  • Dwight Boswell

    This really give me a fresh feeling. I was feeling drained and out. I need to give it all to Jesus, i am carrying to much burden

    • Thanks so much for sharing Dwight and for the encouragement of how all of us just need to give it all to Jesus and He will give us peace and rest!

      • Dwight Boswell

        Amen. Please remember me in your prayers

  • leslie silk

    Since a very early age I have been disobedient, rebellious, and stubborn about it. I literally did not believe life’s rules applied to me for some reason.

    I was constantly being disciplined by my dad growing up. I even rationalized that I was the victim of parental abuse. Nope. Just a hard-willed daughter with a dad who tried his best to break that from her.

    Sure I have managed to do a few good things along the way. A broken clock is correct twice a day. That matters not as I am incapable of true humility and obedience and it completely hinders my ability to worship God.

    I have an adult daughter who I love more than life. She has been suffering the most debilitating and painful iatrogenic condition for several years. I believe this is due to my horrid sin of pride.

    When you realize your own sin has these consequences on your loved ones it should break you. I hate this disobedient pride in me.

    Now the pendulum will swing from pride to self loathing. Still missing the mark.

    If you are a truly humble and obedient person you are so very blessed. You’re sowing good things for yourself and your children.

    • Thanks for sharing Leslie and sorry for what you are going through. I’d like to encourage you that nothing you can do…no matter how bad you are…or how much pride you think you have….nothing at all can change God’s love for you through Jesus Christ.

      In fact, in light of everything you shared, God still loves you and desires a relationship with you through His Son, Jesus. Whether you have good days or bad days, we all fall short just the same and deserve hell because of our sin…but that’s why the cross is such a beautiful thing. Even as we are sinners, Christ died for us and we can have freedom and forgiveness for ALL of our past, present, and future sins.

      Thanks for sharing. I’d encourage you to check this out –

      • leslie silk

        Thanks so much for your encouragement. This stubborn side of me can also be used for good as I will continue seeking Christ in spite of pride. I enjoyed reading the article you suggested. It was right to the point and clear. The Bible does not lie. Can’t get much clearer than that! May God continue His blessings upon you.

        • Awesome, thanks so much for sharing Leslie!

  • Walter Taylor

    I wanted to know how to be humble befor Jesus Christ I did not need to know how to work hard so how can i be humble befor God in Christ help me in this

    • Hey Walter, thanks for sharing. I’d encourage you to read through the post to see how you can humble yourself before The Lord. Thanks so much!

  • Kandice M.

    Going through some things I needed answers of what I need to do to reach God on a more sentimental connection. We sometimes forget our way to God. Something said research humility and humbleness. The key is to humble myself. I research how to humble myself and this site gave me my answer through God. I am thankful and grateful for God that He took time to show me with just a whisper to my thoughts. I don’t know where I’d be without God and I don’t want to know or visualize it. I magnify God. I lift Him up on high. He is worthy of all praise. In good and bad times I thank God. I exalt Him.

    • That’s awesome Kandice…thanks so much for sharing! I don’t know where I’d be without Jesus either!

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