Of His Kingdom There Will Be No End

There Will Be No End - Sword

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I admit, I have a strong affection for swords, maps, and Kings. There is something about the medieval era that draws me in. The nobility, the honor, the chivalry, the blazing flashes of swords in battle. Ok, now I’m just daydreaming.

One of my favorite stories is that of King Arthur. I realize that King Arthur is a fictional story, but if it wasn’t, I’d want to ride with King Arthur. I mean, how cool was that guy?! To have a sword named Excalibur?! Ok, there I go daydreaming again.

In reality, there have been many great kings and kingdoms throughout history. 

King David: 1010 BC – 971 BC

King Solomon: 971 BC – 931 BC

King Cyrus: 559 BC – 530 BC

Augustus Ceaser: January 16, 27 BC – August 19, AD 14

King James: March 24, 1603 – March 27, 1625

History was shaped because of these kings, these rulers. All were different in how they led, what they accomplished, what they are remembered for. However, there is one commonality among them all – an end date. Everyone of these kings had their kingdom come to an end, if not for some political or military reason, at the least because for every one of them, their life has come to an end. A king can not lead a kingdom when that king is no more.

Which brings me to the good news of King Jesus. According to Luke 1:32-33, the Lord God is establishing Jesus to assume the throne of His father David, to rule over the house of Jacob, and of Jesus’ kingdom there will be no end.

Jesus’ kingdom will never end because He is still alive! Every king listed above, and even the fictional Arthur, all had a day in which they died… and stayed dead. Not our King! Not Jesus! He died, but three days later was raised to life and is now seated on His throne beside the Father (Mark 16:19)! Jesus is the King of Kings! Our King is the true conqueror of sin and death. Our King is strong and patient. Our King is compassionate and just. Our King is the mighty lord and humble servant. There is none like Him. There will never be anyone like Him. He was. He is. He is to come.

Of all the kings that have impacted history, only King Jesus is the one who is alive today and impacting the present and the future. I am grateful that He has chosen me to be a part of His kingdom. I am forever His servant.

I have been rescued by the love of God through Christ. It is the love of Christ that compels me to pursue a life that says, "He must increase, but I must decrease." I am married to Stefani, the love of my life, and we have 4 children including three amazingly beautiful daughters, Makayla, Molly & Maycee and one wonderful son, Myles.

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