Proverbs 30: An Unlikely Summary

Proverbs 30: An Unlikely Summary

Continuing our climb through Proverbs with the summit in reach, we come upon Chapter 30. Though the intention of the writing is not said to have the previous 29 chapters in mind, in many ways, Proverbs 30 encapsulates them.

Making an effort to categorize and summarize the writing, I see we should:

Verses 1-4 Know Your Place Before God

Here, in verses 1 through 4, man confesses his stupidity and lack of wisdom. In comparison to God and his Son, our knowledge is limited.

Verses 5-8a God’s Word is True

We are reminded of the truth of God’s word. To counter it makes us a liar. We should resist all falsehood and lying, therefore, hold to God’s word above all.

Verses 8b-9 Be Content

We see riches or poverty can both stand in the way of our relationship to God. We are to strive to stay out of poverty and to also keep from embracing riches in a way that would make us forget God’s provision.

Verses 10-11 Don’t Slander or Curse Others

We are instructed not to slander or curse others, with bad results coming from each.

Verses 12-14 Be Humble

An honest assessment of ourselves before the Lord will prevent us from thinking too highly of ourselves and too lowly of others

Verses 15-16 Don’t Be Greedy

Comparison of leeches and things that aren’t satisfied illustrate our need to find our satisfaction and provision in the Lord and encourage others to do so. Left to our own devices, greediness won’t be satisfied.

Verses 17-19 Don’t Mock Your Parents (Or Anyone Else)

One of the worst displays of disrespect is to mock your parents. Death of relationships appears to come upon the mocker that doesn’t cease to scorn others.

Verses 18-19 Some Things Are Just Remarkable

The remarkable things in life draw us back to the Creator who made them so. You don’t have to understand remarkable things, sometimes all you have to do is appreciate them.

Verse 20 Stay Away From Adultery

Just stay away. Period. Run.

Verses 21-23 Beware of Arrogance

When there is opportunity for the oppressed or repressed to grow mighty, it usually comes with an arrogance left unchecked and able to cause much damage.

Verses 24-28 Small Can Be Mighty

In contrast to arrogance, never underestimate anyone who is in the hands of an Almighty God.

Verses 29-31 Be How God Created You to Be

The stateliest, most majestic creations of God are how He formed them to be. They are not arrogant, they are not foolish, they are not full of false humility. They are noble.

Verses 32-33 Stop Foolishness

Though you may want to give vent to anger and exalting yourself, they will both produce nothing of value. Turn back from foolishness.

Over the previous 29 chapters, we’ve seen these topics above threaded through the entirety of Proverbs.

I don’t believe it is coincidental.

In fact, I find it absolutely remarkable.

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