Proverbs 11: Celebrating Righteousness

Celebrating Righteousness

The word “righteous” is mentioned 13 times in Proverbs 11.

The benefits of righteousness overflow. 


1. Deliver from death (v4)

2. Smooth the way for the blameless (v5)

3. Deliver the upright (v6)

4. Deliver from trouble (v8)

5. Your descendants will be delivered (v21)

6. Your desire will be for good (v23)

7. With knowledge, the righteous will be delivered (v9)


1. When it goes well with the righteous, a city rejoices (v10)

2. If you sow righteousness you will be rewarded (v18)

3. If you remain steadfast in righteousness, you will attain to life (v19)

4. You will flourish like the green leaf (v28)

5. Your fruit will be a tree of life (v30)

6. The righteous will be rewarded in the earth (v31)

Did you wake up this morning and celebrate the opportunity to pursue righteousness? Or did the weight of world and personal problems push you toward unrighteous attitudes to start the day?

Whatever the answer, it is never too late in the day to seek out righteousness in attitude, behavior and action. It may require weeding out that which causes unrighteous influence.

Righteousness can only be found through a relationship with the one Holy God through the redemption found in Jesus Christ.

Seek God today. Seek the attitudes, behaviors and actions of Jesus.

A righteous day is sure to follow.

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