Proverbs 24: Does Evil Prosper?

Proverbs 24: Does Evil Prosper?

Evil appears to triumph today. You can say it even appears to run up the score.

For those that long for peace and justice, what hope do we have in a world that increasingly tolerates evil and seems to want to celebrate it as well? It’s not hard to find a horrific headline mixed in with celebrity gossip and salacious sports stories lately.

Proverbs 24 speaks about evil and its counterparts, violence, trouble, scheming and abomination. It is disheartening to know that for a time evil is allowed to prevail. People are hurt as a result. Animals are hurt as a result. All creation is hurt as a result. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

But have hope.

Proverbs 24 doesn’t leave us high and dry. Evil will always have its comeuppance and will one day see an end. Many an evil plan is being thwarted today.

We’re reminded this end to evil occurs by the Lord’s hand.

We’re not supposed to worry ourselves about evil. We’re not supposed to take it on ourselves to dispose of it outside of God’s leading. We’re not even to celebrate the downfall of evil people.

We are to take joy in being righteous, knowing our fear of the Lord will keep us from desiring evil, will help us gain our feet after falling, and will allow us to obtain wisdom.

This wisdom is described as honey, sweet and good to the soul. This gives us hope and a future.

Included in this future is a pursuit of those who are far off from God. We are to offer them the news of rescue.

It is here where evil can’t flourish as others are given an opportunity to knock on the door of wisdom and find it open to a wealth of riches in eternal salvation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

One day, Jesus will return and evil will be destroyed.

Until then, don’t be discouraged.

Seek wisdom and find it in abundant supply.

Let others witness the hope you have as you run up the score through prayer.

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Mary Harwell Sayler
Mary Harwell Sayler

Yes, thanks. God has vowed to bind up all evil in the end times. Until then, God cannot go against His Word, but praise the Lord, we have the authority of Christ to pray for each awful event to be redeemed in Jesus’ Name!

Chris Howard
Chris Howard

Mary, thank you for reading and for commenting!

Mike Mobley
Mike Mobley

Thanks for sharing Mary!