Finding True Contentment

Artificial sweeteners. Preservatives. Food additives.

I’m not going to comment on the state of food we consume today, but I find the things we tend to add to the Christian life akin to the above. Artificial.

At the source of our faith is Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us,  “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” In John 14:6.

Finding True Contentment

How does it make sense then to pursue add-ons in our approach to living as Christians?

I’ve been guilty of saying, “If only” too often. If only I had that career, if only I had been given those talents instead, if only I had a different upbringing. If only I could just shut up.

I know I’m not alone. I hear these conversations around me. I’ve been part of them. There’s a lot of discontent out there and a lot of it is coming from those who believe Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross and was raised again to give us new life.

You can never have enough of the simple truth found in John 14:6. The right spouse, the right career, the right church (fill in the blank) . . . none of these can bring you the contentment found in pursuing Jesus Christ.

If you are in the state of mind where you are frustrated about not being able to figure out your next step, if you are battling with the past on how it is affecting your present, or if you are thinking something else other than Christ will satisfy the longing in your soul, think again.

Jesus IS the way, and the truth, and the life.

Let your soul be nourished by Him today.

I am a man who loves his wife, Jessica, his daughter, Clara, his family, his friends and his church. Jesus Christ makes this all possible. He has made the difference in my life and I hope you encounter the difference He can make in yours.

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  • Scott Smail

    Good posting Chris! I agree with your viewpoint wholeheartedly. I know the viewpoint I’m about to share isn’t agreed upon by all believers, but here goes anyway… I’m one of those radicals that believes in physical healing. In fact, the word says By His stripes we were healed. If we were then, we are now! So why then do so many believers say things like, I know I will be healed, but I need to change these “other things” before God will heal me.

    Not a single person Jesus healed in the Bible was healed after “cleaning” themselves up. They weren’t even saved! So, why does the Church have this idea that we need to be perfect in order to be healed? My oldest daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy years ago. People said it was because of past sins in my life and God was teaching us a lesson. Rubbish! She was marvelously healed and has extended healing to people all over the world…literally! Paraguay, Brazil, South Africa, Ireland, Guatemala, Nicaragua to name a few and she’s only 17.

    It’s because of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection…not because we were living perfect lives. Keep up the good work!!

    • Chris Howard

      Thank you for sharing and I am glad to hear about the impact your daughter is making as Christ works in and through her and thank God for His healing over her! As I mature in Christ I’ve become more appreciative about God’s abilities to do what He desires for His glory and very skeptical about my ability to bring anything to the table but a willing heart.

  • Jason Darrah


    I will make this short and sweet. I have always believed, but have never really had a relationship with God. I have grown in the past couple years to yearn for that relationship, he wants me to have it, it is what he gave up it only son do so. I want it and have seen the Holy Spirit within me act in ways I never imagined.It is beautiful. It is now what guides me, and now, your posts help me further my relationship with the Lord. I thank you so much.


    • Chris Howard

      That is encouraging to hear – God drawing you closer and you responding to Him by wanting more of Him. I’m also glad to hear you are enjoying BTC. Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks so much Jason for reading! Awesome to hear how God is leading you to Himself through Jesus!! Thanks so much for sharing!