For Me or For God?

For Me or For God?

There’s an abuse of a couple of words out there and I find it worse than the word “like” being used as a filler in conversation. It’s the phrase “for me.”

For example:

  • “For me, that’s my truth.”
  • “Some people think that way. But for me . . .”
  • “For me, I think it’s best that I . . .”

This isn’t a judgment on the people saying it. This is the realization on how much I tend to think in that light.

  • “For me, this is how I want the day to look.”
  • “For me, this is how I’ll navigate this situation.”
  • “For me, this is what I’ll avoid doing in favor of doing this comfortable thing instead.”

For me, I want to, like, gag . . . like, for real . . . because there’s no room for two in the director’s chair of our lives. We may unwittingly try to dethrone God on a daily basis without thinking about it (or worse, thinking about it), but God won’t be dethroned. We will always need to defer to God for His plans, His direction and His peace.

Let’s look at 3 verses in scripture.

“Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.” – Psalm 115:3

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” – Proverbs 19:21

“Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” – John 17:17

These verses put together make a strong case against “for me”. We read in the Psalm that God is the one who does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants with who He wants where He wants to do it (and we don’t always get to know why He does it).

We see in the Proverb that we may plan, but man, that plan may not stand.

The verse in John seems to point back to the previous Psalm and Proverb. If we have any questions, we are to consult scripture and not our own understanding. We can rest in the peace of knowing God has provided the truth to guide us in his plans and directions.

Reminding ourselves that we are limited in perspective, reliant on God’s leadership and in need of His reassurance helps us to live out a life more akin to Christ.

For me, when I do this, I remember this life is not just meant for me. It’s meant for you, for others and most of all, for God.

That’s like, so awesome.

Here are other Questions to ask yourself and how the Bible answers them.

I am a man who loves his wife, Jessica, his daughter, Clara, his family, his friends and his church. Jesus Christ makes this all possible. He has made the difference in my life and I hope you encounter the difference He can make in yours.

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Grace Esedeke
Grace Esedeke

I agree with you. Life is about God and others not ‘me’. So we have to make decisions and choices that will glorify God and bless those around us. Thank You Sir for those wonderful thoughts. God Bless You always.

Chris Howard
Chris Howard

Grace, thank you for the encouragement and for reading Before The Cross!

Grace Esedeke
Grace Esedeke

You’re most welcomed:-)

Mike Mobley
Mike Mobley

Thanks so much for sharing Grace!