God Has A Plan For You

God Has A Plan For You

Fear and anxiety grips all of us. I believe most days don’t go by without us worrying about some aspect of our lives or our future, or without some anxiety in our daily circumstances. For the ones reading this that assume they have no fear or anxieties, I would just be careful and take a honest look at yourself. The amazing news is that we can be confident where God has placed us. If our heavenly Father has confidence in us, how could we not?

I’ve been reading Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp, and even though he is mentioning ministry in the context of talking about confidence, I think we can all relate and should be encouraged by this:

“The confidence, that inner sense of well-being and capability in ministry, is not untoward self-confidence but comes from a knowledge of whom I serve. He is my confidence and ability. He will not call me to a task without enabling me to do it. He has more zeal for the health of His Church than I ever will. No one has more interest in the use of my gifts than the one who gave them. No one has more zeal for His glory than He does. He is ever-present and ever-willing. He is all-powerful and all-knowing. He is boundless in love and glorious in grace. He does not change, and He is faithful forever. His word will not cease to be true. His power to save will never be exhausted. His rule will not run out. He will never be conquered by one greater than He. I can do what I have been called to do with confidence, not because of who I am but because He is my Father, and He is glorious in every way.” – Paul Tripp

Tripp can put something like this in words much better than I can, and I believe he is absolutely spot on with what he says here. It’s not going to be through our self confidence, but rather a confidence in God who sees us fit to carry out His will.

When we question where God has us (and I have done this many times throughout my own life), we are not trusting God. It’s like we are saying things like, “Thanks God, but you don’t really understand…you don’t really know me…there must be something wrong with this setup…there is no way I can do this…surely someone else is more capable to accomplish this task than I am.”

I once heard someone say, “We are God’s Plan A for His Church.” That was an awesome reminder for me! It’s true. God doesn’t make mistakes and we are right where God wants us to be. Will we understand all the specifics and reasons why? No, of course not, and that is probably a good thing. If God doesn’t make mistakes, then that means we are exactly where we need to be.

Instead of not trusting God for where He has us, we need to stop living in fear and anxiety and walk with confidence through the Holy Spirit to be about His will where He has us. Chances are we will miss on multiple opportunities if we worry. Most importantly, we won’t be glorifying Him.

Let me encourage you as you read this that everything I am talking about is true for you. Wherever God has you currently, there is a reason you are there. There is a reason you are going through what you are going through. God does not make mistakes.

“And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1:6

For God’s children (those who have chosen to follow Christ), He will finish doing a good work in us. All the way until we die or until Jesus returns. Cast all your anxieties on Him…He cares for you.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6-7

Let’s have confidence today that we are God’s Plan A for His Church right where we are. We are all in ministry and get the privilege and honor to represent Christ to a hurt and dying world. Be confident in God’s plan for you and for His Church.

Saved by Grace through Faith. In love with Jesus, His Glory, and obviously my beautiful wife Joelle, daughter Peyton, and son Matthew! Seeking Him in everything to glorify Him and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor at Austin Life Church.

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