How is Christianity Relevant Today?

How is Christianity Relevant Today?

At first glance, Christianity might seem to be just another ancient religion, based on events that took place and beliefs that were formulated 2,000 years ago. However, if someone were to actually look into Christianity, they would see that Christianity answers the basic questions of human existence in ways that ring true in any time period. This not only makes Christianity relevant, but timeless.

Where Did I Come From? 

Like many religions and scientific inquiries, Christianity confronts the question of where things started. The Creator is a living person and a loving parent, not just a First Cause or a Big Bang. We find answers through Christianity that explain where we actually came from and how the universe was even created in the first place. Seems pretty relevant to me.

Why Am I Here?

Everyone needs and wants a sense of purpose in life. The search for significance drives many people to success seminars, self-help books, and therapists’ couches. Christianity offers significance, teaching that people were created to love and serve God, to please and enjoy Him. In fact, Christians are blessed with the different ways God has wired them to serve the Church and honor God. Every single life has value and is unique and has a role in the Kingdom of God for those who follow Christ.

What’s Wrong With Our World? 

The problem of evil is as relevant as your local news channel or anything you can read online. Where is the war this week? Afghanistan? Iraq? Central Africa? From drive-by shootings to insider trading, crime continues. Jails are full. Even the most enlightened, civilized cultures aren’t immune to violence, deception, and corruption. Some philosophers proclaim that people are basically good, but it’s clear that something has gone haywire. As followers of Christ, we call it sin. Contrary to popular belief, we have a built-in tendency to do the wrong thing, and we need a Savior to turn us around. For more information on this, check out “Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things to Happen?”

How Can We All Just Get Along? 

Let’s put away the headlines and talk about our own lives. Civil wars around the globe aren’t all that different from the uncivil behavior in our own homes. How can people get along with people, especially when they’re being so unlovable? Jesus gave us a model of servanthood, of non-retaliation, of forgiveness. Through the Holy Spirit, He provides the power His people need to follow His example.

All too often, Christians have made their faith seem musty, hanging on to customs and language from past generations. But Jesus talked about His message as “new wine” that needs new containers to hold it. The Gospel is good news. There’s no question that it’s good, but it’s also news – and as relevant as anything we’ll see in the headlines or encounter in our daily lives.

Here are other Frequently Asked Questions and how the Bible answers them.

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Steve Patterson
Steve Patterson

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this article. Keep up the great work. God bless you and this blog.