Read Scripture App And Why It’s Important

Read Scripture App And Why It’s Important

First off, let me say this is not a paid sponsorship, but rather this is a resource that we believe is huge for the Church and we wanted to make you aware of it.

Crazy Love Ministries recently release a new app called Read Scripture.

This is one of the best apps we have seen out there for encouraging someone to read scripture, on their own, and seeing how the Bible is one large story that all flows together. It allows you to not only track where you are reading, but breaks up the Bible in sections that we believe are very helpful to understand the larger story.

On top of that, each section has an intro video that’s extremely helpful and simple at the same time to help you understand more of Scripture.

I’m personally using it to go through the Bible this year and engage more with God by myself without too many resources. I just want to spend time with The Lord and His Word over and over again and hear what He has to say to me. I’d like to encourage you to do the same.

Read Scripture also now has a podcast where Francis Chan shares what he has been learning from reading in the same areas that everyone is reading through on the app.

We’d love to see everyone read the Bible for themselves and spend time alone with God! How amazing would it be if the Church as a whole was doing this consistently? It’s awesome to think of what could happen!

Just wanted to share this as a powerful resource and as a reminder for all of us to be spending time with God on a daily basis!

Questions: Have you used this app yet? What do you think? Are there other tools that help you? Please comment below and join the discussion.

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