Reflecting On The Year, 634,000 Views, and Top 10 Posts for 2015

Reflecting On The Year

It’s crazy to think about what God has done through Before The Cross up to this point! I would have never imagined any of this years ago and just wanted to be obedient to write in the first place. Praise God in everything that He has done and we pray He will continue to do great things as we get going in the year.

We’ve had a total of over 634,000 views on our site, and 247,759 of them happened in 2015 alone!

I’ve been reflecting over our posts for 2015, what people have been searching for, and what’s been most popular throughout the year to get a good gauge for where people are at as they follow Jesus or seek to know more about Him.

It’s interesting to see over time what people search for on the web. If you think about it for a minute, regardless of how people interact with you and what they say, when they go home and they are alone, what they search for truly reveals their heart.

I’m convinced more and more people go online to find their answers and ask their real questions before daring to ask someone in person. While there’s many pros and cons to an approach like that (that’s a completely different blog post), we can take advantage of technology God has given us to meet people right where they are. We can be the Church going to people instead of waiting for them to come to us.

It seems to me from the most views over the past year, people are searching for answers to their questions…are looking for hope and a purpose for their lives…are wanting to improve their marriages and parenting…and want to repent and come before God in desperation.

We can learn a lot about people based on what they search for online to get a true heartbeat of where they are at. I pray that this grows my compassion for others and that it would do the same thing for you as we get going in the year.

In everything, so we can glorify God by sharing the love of Christ!

Here’s Our Top 10 Posts For 2015

1. What’s Wrong With Living Together Before Marriage?

The Bible is clear on how it defines marriage between one man and one woman. That being said, what does Scripture say living together before marriage?

2. How To Humble Yourself Before The Lord

Our culture typically treats humility in a negative way as a sign of weakness. As the Bible teaches on this, how do you humble yourself before the Lord?

3. 5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Every Week

Communication within marriage is a huge deal. It takes an intentional mindset each week to work on it. Here are questions to ask your spouse that can help.

4. Scripture on Self Worth

God sees tremendous value in you and has uniquely created you and all of us in His image. What else does the Bible say? Here is scripture on self worth.

5. How To Leave A Godly Legacy For Your Children

Leaving A Godly Legacy is our purpose as parents and is mandated in Scripture. Here is how we can be best effective when it comes to Christian parenting.

6. Are Christians Under The Ten Commandments?

What does this mean for Christians today? How can we apply the Ten Commandments to our lives and do they even matter? Here is what the Bible says.

7. Scripture on Leadership

Wherever you are in terms of leadership or however you are seeking it, the Bible has much to say about it. Here is scripture on leadership.

8. Head Knowledge vs Heart Knowledge

When it comes to Jesus Christ dying on the cross, do we know this in our heads or in our hearts? Are we using head knowledge or heart knowledge?

9. Why Is Repentance Important?

When we don’t repent or call people to repentance, we don’t believe what Jesus did for us was enough and don’t believe God knows better than us.

10. Is Marriage Only Between A Man And A Woman?

In a culture that practices same-sex and plural marriage, we must look to the Bible to define if marriage is between a man and a woman. Here’s what it says.

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