Proverbs 28: The Wicked and the Righteous

Proverbs 28: The Wicked and the Righteous

How is wickedness identified?

Proverbs 28 identifies those of a wicked heart. The wicked are said to:

  • Flee though no one pursues
  • Oppress the poor
  • Forsake the law
  • Give praise to other wicked people
  • Have no understanding of justice
  • Shame their fathers
  • Be crooked in their ways
  • Have prayers that are abominations
  • Mislead the upright
  • Be wise in their eyes
  • Follow worthless pursuits
  • End up in poverty
  • Hasten to be rich
  • Show partiality
  • Not go unpunished
  • Be stingy
  • Flatter
  • Steal from their father and mother
  • Stir up strife
  • Be foolish
  • Turn their eyes on poverty
  • Rise to power

In contrast, the righteous are described as:

  • Bold as a lion
  • Understanding
  • Knowledgeable
  • Stable
  • Keepers of the law
  • Striving against the wicked
  • Understand justice
  • Having Integrity
  • Multiply wealth through interest and profit
  • Generous to the poor
  • Having an inheritance
  • Triumphing
  • Receiving glory
  • Confessing of transgressions
  • Receiving mercy
  • Fearing the Lord
  • Hating unjust gain
  • Having prolonged days
  • Having deliverance
  • Working their land
  • Having plenty of bread
  • Not showing partiality
  • Able to rebuke a man
  • Receiving favor
  • Trusting in the lord
  • Enriched
  • Walking in wisdom
  • Increasing in number when the wicked perish

Wickedness is not far from us today. Turn on the television. Check out the news on the Internet. Ask your kids about what happened at school. The odds are that salacious stories will outnumber any redeeming story of righteousness.

While I am discouraged about Proverbs 28 stating the rise of the wicked, I’m encouraged by the mention of the righteous increasing as the wicked perish.

And though the wicked may rise, Proverbs 28 is clear it won’t be for long.

The righteous will always win.

God made this possible through the life, death, burial and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ.

Identify with this righteousness today.

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