Proverbs 5-7: Warning Against Adultery

Warning Against Adultery

In Proverbs 5-7 we are once again called to understanding.

In my Bible, the title of Chapter 5 is “Warning Against Adultery”. A section of Chapter 6 is titled “Warnings against Adultery”. Chapter 7 is titled “Warning against the Adulteress”.

See a pattern here?

Adultery isn’t good.

But, she is alluring and masks herself as good. Her lips are meant to draw me in. Her speech is meant to keep me interested. Her ways are meant to convince me there will be no repercussions.

She masks herself as the innocent flirtation.

She disguises herself as the out-of-town temptation.

She promotes herself as the deserved change of pace.

She infiltrates televisions, computers, magazines and romance novels in the form of porn.

She is deception. She is anything but the path I am told to stay on. Her path leads down to death preceded by these consequences.

Dishonor. Punishment. Ruin.

If we think we can entertain Adultery unscathed, we might remember our ways are always before the Lord and whatever is done in the darkness will be brought forth to the light. It is only a matter of time.

“For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” – Luke 8:17

Nobody is immune to Adultery. She has destroyed paupers and kings.

She has destroyed somebody you know.

She may be destroying you right now and those around you who truly care about you.

Continue walking her path and you’ll try to quench your thirst with rancid water.

Continue walking her path and your ditch will become a sinkhole.

Instead of embracing the harlot Adultery we are told to call Wisdom our loving sister.

Then we won’t desire what is outside of God’s will for us.

We’ll then see the chapped, cracked lips of Adultery. Her speech will sound like a cackle and you’ll see her promises written in cow manure.

Stay far away from her, Christian.

If you are on her path or near her path, RUN.

Wisdom, our wonderful sister, is calling.

She can light your path back to the straight and narrow.

She can lead you to repentance. Then you may drink again from a fountain that is blessed.

If you have faithfully kept far from Adultery, CONTINUE.

God wants us to have a committed relationship with Him and a marriage between a man and a woman that is pure, self-sacrificial and God honoring pleases Him and demonstrates that commitment.

In that relationship we thrive. In that relationship we gain.

Honor. Reward. Life.

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