Proverbs 19-23: Welcome Wisdom

Welcome Wisdom

In today’s age of information, individualism and iEverything, it would appear all the answers are at my fingertips.

I can Google, Bing and scour blogs to find out how to do just about anything.

There’s no shortage of “how-to” out there. I just have to know what I’m looking for and odds are, somebody has put together some information and instruction already.

But, how open am I to somebody’s unsolicited advice?

Due to pride, I can’t say I always welcome it.

If somebody starts telling me about how I can do something better without me asking, I’m probably going to be annoyed. Even if what they are saying is spot-on.

I think I often treat the Bible like that. I know it holds great advice. I know it is good for me. I know it can instruct me on how to go about life and conduct.

Yet, the Bible is left too often by the wayside when it should be scoured over time and time again.

That’s why I find it refreshing to rush headlong into Chapters 19-23 (Mike Mobley covered 19 in a prior post) that relate to life and conduct.

First, it’s a choice to open up Proverbs. It’s a seeking out of God’s wisdom. It’s not unsolicited.

Second, the topics of 19-23 cover life and conduct. There’s not much that falls outside of that! I can be assured that any challenge or situation I am facing, this section has it covered (even down to the gray hair mentioned in 20:23).

Third, it is always there. This is timeless advice on how to live a Godly life. A Godly life obtained will spill out onto others and has a chance to impact multiple lives. It’s good to know this advice has lasted centuries.

Yes, we live in an age of an overabundance of information. Our fingertips are too often poised to bring that information across the Internet to our eyes, brains and actions.

However, don’t let your fingertips miss turning the pages of the timeless information and advice that leads to fellowship with our eternal God.

True life and Godly conduct are found within.

Take my advice.

21 Days of Proverbs

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