Where The Real Battle Is

Where The Real Battle Is

The Lord has really been teaching me something lately. It’s simple. It’s complex. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but at the same time, it’s not too complicated. I know that all sounds confusing, but let me explain.

I haven’t been a follower of Christ very long, but I know the way I act and spend time with God is different at times now than what it was back in the day. Yes, there is more of a depth in my relationship with God today that I’m very grateful for, but there’s something else too…there’s a battle going on. It’s been there for awhile now (probably all of my life), but I’m starting to take notice of it in greater ways today and wanted to encourage you to do the same.

As followers of Jesus, we believe in something so great. We believe in someone so great. We believe we are forgiven for all eternity…all past, present, and future sins if we believe and choose to follow Jesus. It’s all because of Him at the end of the day and He is our way to God. He is the only way.

If we believe all of this about Jesus and about eternity, then why do we have a hard time believing the other side of “eternal matters?” We have a real enemy and his name is satan. As soon as I say satan, I think most of us start to check out. At the mention of demons, we typically brush past the topic. Yes, people take advantage of “eternal matters” all the time for various motives and sometimes it’s just ridiculous, but stick with me just for a minute. Let’s say we believe what the Bible teaches about satan as much as what the Bible teaches about Jesus. What would that mean for us?

Spending Time With God IS The Real Battle

Have you ever noticed in your own walk with The Lord or when you’re talking with someone else about theirs…everything comes down to how they (or you) are spending time with God? When we don’t consistently spend time with God, we get off track. We get anxious. We get worried. We live for ourselves. And the list goes on…

We can get to the point of most of our conversations by finding out how time with God has been going.

If I only had one opportunity to encourage you in something, I’m learning it would be to spend time with God. Spend time with Jesus. That’s it. That is the battle. In fact, the whole battlefield consists of this and satan knows it. If we are spending time with God (abiding in Him), satan is well aware that his attempts of damaging us are over.

  • As we read the Bible and pray, we learn more of who God is, what Jesus has done, and how we are only right with God because of Jesus. This reminder every single day aligns us with God’s priorities to be following Jesus and doing what He has asked us, which is to make disciples.
  • As we read the Bible and pray, we are reminded we have a real enemy and press into our Heavenly Father to lead us and guide us in all matters. We trust that He is our protector and that satan has no chance…because he has already lost the war.
  • As we read the Bible and pray, we can trust that we will be obedient because we will hear from The Lord and He is faithful to guide us. Typically, when we are lost and looking for guidance, it’s because we have taken our eyes off of Jesus.

Picture a war zone. I think this would be hard for most of us because we haven’t experienced it, but we’ve seen enough movies, so picture a war zone. You know the battle takes place right in the middle, with chaos happening all around you and the enemy trying everything in their power to stop you…in fact…to kill you.

Striving to spend time with The Lord every day is the war zone. Do you take this seriously?

Do you put on the armor of God? Do you take up the Sword of the Spirit? (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Why do you think this is so difficult? Why do you have a hard time finding time with God? Why can’t you concentrate when praying? Why does the Bible sometimes seem boring? No matter what you do…why is this just so hard? Because it’s war!

War is not an easy thing to just check off of your list. War is not something you can just do every now and then. War is to not be taken lightly because if you don’t treat it seriously, you’ll get killed.

Luckily, Jesus has saved us (for those who follow Him) so we know our salvation is secure for all eternity, but what message are we proclaiming to Him and to the world when we don’t take these matters seriously? How in the world would we ever expect to actually follow Him or do anything for Him if we don’t even spend time with Him?

How Do I Win The Battle?

Don’t understimate the enemy…he is real…he is prowling…he is wanting to devour and destroy you, that’s a fact.

Pray now, ask God to grow your desire for Him and open up the Bible and get started. Expect opposition and fight back with the Bible. Plan diligently and make this the most important thing you do…every single day.

You have to ask yourself, “why would satan want to attack me so much when it comes to my time with God anyway?” Because he knows how effective and powerful it is! Why else would there be such a battle?! Our enemy is not an idiot (per the Bible) and he knows the power of spending time with God…that means we BETTER be doing it!

Pray again, and ask God to grow your trust in Him. Trust in the fact that if you spend time with Him…as you read the Bible…as you pray…as you begin to abide in Him, that He will protect you, sustain you, and that you’ll be obedient to whatever it is He wants to do in your life. Trust that God establishes your steps and that you’ll be safe and secure with Him leading you and that the enemy can’t do anything as you abide in Christ.

Saved by Grace through Faith. In love with Jesus, His Glory, and obviously my beautiful wife Joelle, daughter Peyton, and son Matthew! Seeking Him in everything to glorify Him and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor at Austin Life Church.

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