Why We Come Before The Cross

Why We Come Before The Cross

Whether we’re talking about being Gospel centered, or reminding ourselves of Jesus, or coming before the cross, one thing is for sure…in the life of the follower of Christ, it is crucial for Jesus to be at the center of all things. Not “just to be in the center,” but because there is actual power in the name of Jesus and as soon as we take our eyes off of Him, we’re in trouble.

I’m guilty of this more than anyone else I know and I know the moment I take my eyes off of Christ, my eyes immediately go to myself. My selfishness, my priorities, my rights, my life. I become the center of everything and my decisions ultimately are rooted in what benefits me the most. While all that is taking place, I just respond reactively to whatever the culture is doing around me instead of being proactive as a disciple of Christ.

We must come before the cross to remind ourselves of what Jesus has done for us.

The Cross Reminds Us Of Forgiveness

Jesus suffered for us. He took the penalty of sin for us. He was literally beaten, bruised, ripped apart, and crucified on our behalf. And while he hung on the cross, the wrath of God was poured out on Him to atone for the sins of the world, and He died. And as we know, it didn’t end there…He rose from the dead defeating death and sin in victory!

Forgiveness is available to all people and those that are actually forgiven are those who choose to believe and follow Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives. We need the cross as a reminder that we are forgiven for ALL eternity – our past, present, and future sins. Not as an excuse to continue sinning, but as a reminder that the war is already won, and we have incredible freedom through Jesus.

The Cross Aligns Our Priorities

Our culture is fast paced and most of us are running around doing a million things at once, but is it possible that we can do a million things, but none of them matter at the end of the day? Unfortunately, yes, if our priorities are not aligned with God’s priorities, we may be doing things that are of no value at the end of the day. The cross reminds us to be about eternal things and not worldly things.

Besides Jesus needing to be the main priority in our lives, He didn’t just die on the cross and rise again from the grave for us, but so that salvation could be made available for the whole world. Once we experience the freedom in Christ we have because of being forgiven, we can’t forget about eternal priorities we should have in our lives.

The Bible teaches us to go and make disciples and to teach them everything God has commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). Are we doing that well? Are you doing that well? From the way you spend your time, your money, your possessions, etc. where would you say you line up with your priorities? Are they of this world or are they eternal?

The Cross Empowers Us To Make Disciples

Jesus said when He leaves that the Holy Spirit will come to us and it will be to our advantage that He comes (John 16:7). The cross reminds us of just how strong Jesus is and what He did for us, and that same Jesus declared that it is to our advantage that we’ll have The Holy Spirit. We need God at all times and by trusting The Holy Spirit to teach us His Word, lead us, give us wisdom and discernment, we can be confident as we move forward to make disciples.

This is God’s Great Commission at the end of the day and He is the one who will change hearts, not us. We get the ridiculous privilege to be a part of God’s Will each and everyday to make disciples and love others well, all while being forgiven for all eternity.

That is why we must come before the cross each and every day.

Questions: Do you come before the cross often? How do you remind yourself of the Gospel? Please comment below and join the discussion.

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