Proverbs 8: Wisdom Calling

Wisdom Calling

Wisdom is calling to us, ready to be heard but the thickness of folly surrounds us like smog.

We get used to the effect on our senses. Our eyes are a little blinded. Our sense of smell is off. We can hear, but it is muffled. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are touching or tasting something that can hurt us.

Our time is spent listening to the “wisdom” of man, caught up in various forms of entertainment, news and sports instead of diving deep into the deep-seated truth of our bibles and the miracle of being able to commune with our God via prayer.

We fret over circumstances with myopia, seeing only the problem and given over to our own attempts at solutions versus committing our minds and hearts to the divine hand of the God who loves us.

We center our life on ourselves, acquiring and storing up things that will break, rust and decay instead of giving ourselves fully to the work of God which allows us to fully live.

Wisdom knows stupid and yet wisdom doesn’t budge. It hasn’t budged since God established it.

It will continuously call us to return. We will hear it’s faint cry in the dense smog.

Every day presents us with an opportunity to raise our head, lift it out of the mess that surrounds us and find wisdom on a hill, dwelling with prudence, stretching it’s voice and arms to us and welcoming us back.

We have access to wisdom and prudence in unlimited supply. Apart from saving grace, it’s the best deal going out there.

Do not neglect it.

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