Proverbs 4: Wisdom Worth Repeating

Wisdom Worth Repeating

By the time I reach Proverbs 4, I’m noticing some repetition.

Don’t forsake wisdom. Acquire it. Keep from evil.

At first glance, I feel like an impatient teenager trying to get out the door as my parent tells me to be careful, to not stay out too late, to be smart, to drive careful.

When it comes to reading the Bible, do I really have the audacity to roll my eyes at God?

The truth is, evil is coming and it doesn’t rest. It is outside the door doing pushups and waiting for the moment to prod at perceived weakness.

It wants to sidle up to me, put its arm around my shoulder and say, “C’mon, I’m not so bad. Trust me” while reaching for my wallet.

It wants to leave me hopeless, helpless and heartless.

Evil is wicked. Evil is dark. Evil is real.

Do I dare twist the doorknob of my life, hurry out the door and ignore the warnings from my Father in Heaven when such an enemy prowls?

The amount of repetition in Proverbs underscores one truth when it comes to combating evil: I NEED GOD’S WORD.

I need His presence. I need his provision. I need His power.

I need to be reminded of what Proverbs 4 contains.

Be Attentive That You May Gain Insight

The enemy wants to distract. My insight is limited and tainted and Satan wants to taint it further. I will have to constantly reorient myself to the counsel of God, engaging Him with all of my senses. I need to humble myself before Him, knowing only His insight is complete and perfect.

Get Wisdom

I reorient myself in God’s word. I familiarize myself with His character, His promises and His plan. Instead of an inductive method of starting with me and working God into what I know to be true, I start with a deductive method of first seeking to know God and ask Him to show me where I fit in.

Keep Hold of Instruction

Have you ever tried to wrestle something away from somebody who had an intense desire to hold on to it? They will tuck it into their body, roll on top of it, and might even move it from side to side to keep you from getting it. I need to be as intense about holding on to God’s word, not wanting anything else to dictate my thoughts, my opinions and my words.

Keep Your Heart With All Vigilance

I see the image of a constant gardener, working feverishly in the heat of the day to rid a garden of pests, weeds and anything else that would prevent the eventual blooming of plants, flowers or food. So that should be with my heart, a constant tending to make sure that which would destroy it wouldn’t be given a place to rot as I attempt to nourish it with that which would strengthen it.

Ponder the Path of Your Feet

Where am I going? Am I starting with God? Knowing my direction each day will keep me on the secure paths where evil doesn’t like to tread. I have to be careful not to get too comfortable and think that my path is so well traveled that I don’t need to consult my atlas. When the road construction, inclement weather and traffic jams of life hit, I don’t want to think of myself as unable to continue in the work God has for me to do. I might just have to take a different road and the one to determine that is God. I’m assured he’ll keep me on the path where evil won’t prevent me from getting to my destination.

By the time I reach the end of Proverbs 4, I’m thankful for the repetition.

Don’t forsake wisdom. Acquire it. Keep from evil.

Don’t rinse this off. Just Repeat.

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