How Are You Taking A Step Forward?

How Are You Taking A Step Forward

I think a lot of us as Christians want to do great things for the Lord. I think those who have decided to follow Christ are genuine when they desire to share the Gospel, make much of Him in everything they do, and want to reach more people than they could ever imagine. I really do believe that the people who make up the Church want to see Kingdom expansion.

I also think there are many out there with God given desires and abilities that never follow through and completely miss out on what God has in store for them. I know there must have been times in my life already where I’ve missed it. I’ve missed something that the Lord has ready for me and led me to act on, but I just couldn’t bring myself to follow through.

Why is this? What’s stopping us? What is preventing us from taking a step in the right direction?

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

Fear and lack of trust keep popping up in my mind when I think on why I never take a step forward to what God is calling me to do. The Bible says God gave us the Holy Spirit when becoming followers of Christ and with Him, there is no fear. Not only that, there’s power and self-control! We have everything we need to pursue these Godly things because we have God.

I know when I don’t take a step, fear overwhelms me in thinking I could fail, or maybe that it’s not really of God in the first place…so why try. Regardless, my mind gets flooded with fear and that drowns out the whole desire to begin with.

Other times it’s simply a lack of trust. I don’t take a step because I don’t trust God. I may not proclaim “I don’t trust God,” but my actions are saying that for me and I can’t argue with those.

Here’s the kicker…every time I take a step and I mean every, single, time, God always does something.

I’m Not Sure What God Is Calling Me To Do

Whenever we find ourselves unclear of what the Lord is calling us to do, we must first pray and look to the Bible for the answers. After that, we must take a step. What does this mean? Here’s an example…maybe God is asking you to step up within your local Church and start serving. Let’s say it’s within the nursery. I guarantee you if you take a step and start serving in the nursery, you will know pretty quickly whether or not you’re called to hold babies. But if you never take that step, you’ll never know.

Obviously we’re not all wrestling with holding babies, but what could it be for you? Where is God asking you to take a step forward and trust Him in? Could it be your marriage? What about someone’s salvation? Looking for a job? Maybe to start serving your neighborhood? Do you need to relocate somewhere? Do you need to save up money for something He’s calling you to purchase? It really could be anything.

When we take a step forward, praying and trusting what we are doing is what the Lord is calling us to do, He will guide us. He loves us and His Church more than we will ever love the Church or ourselves and will never let His plans fail. That is the confidence and boldness we can take when we take a step.

God Will Just Take Care Of Things, Right?

The trap a lot of us fall into is to sit back, do nothing, and just let “God handle things.” Will God’s plans ultimately carry out exactly how He wants them to? Of course! Otherwise, He wouldn’t be God. But the Lord does not call us to just sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. Jesus didn’t suffer, die on the cross, and rise again just so you could receive a free gift and then live for yourself.

There are things for His children to do. There are specific wirings and gifts He has specifically given you to do. Not part of a local Church? Become part of one as soon as possible…they are hurting without you. Feeling led to serve in a certain ministry? You better believe they are ready for you. Thinking about sharing the Gospel with someone…who comes to mind for you right now? Yep, that’s the Lord leading you to go speak to that person now. Will you take a step?

Our Latest Step As A Family

We personally just struggled and have been praying through one of the latest steps God is asking us to take within our own family. We are having our son soon (2nd child now) and within our smaller duplex we currently live in, our desire was to move to a larger space, but we felt the Lord telling us to wait. To be patient. To trust Him and His provision and to stay here while saving up over the next year for a house.

Do we know all the details of His plans for us over the next year? Nope, but that would be nice. Do we even know we are for sure going to be a house next year? Nope, but we are moving in a direction of planning and preparing for that.

Here’s what we do know. We’ve started taking the “steps forward” to save, plan, and get ready for what’s to come. And ever since then (it’s been about a month now), we’re still hearing from the Lord within this plan and so far so good. We are completely fine with Him changing every little detail if He wants to, but we knew that we had to take a step to get moving.

What is God asking you to take a step forward in? Do you trust that He will provide? Do you live in such a way that shows power and self-control as you rely on the Holy Spirit? Let me encourage you with whatever it is that’s on your mind at this very second…to go for it! There’s no reason not to and you can believe that God will direct your steps if you just get going. Believe and trust that the Lord is good and will guide you every step of the way.

Saved by Grace through Faith. In love with Jesus, His Glory, and obviously my beautiful wife Joelle, daughter Peyton, and son Matthew! Seeking Him in everything to glorify Him and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor at Austin Life Church.

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