Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

Can Productivity Really be Gospel Driven?

There have been more “Gospel centered” or “Gospel driven” ideas over the past years than I can ever remember. Gospel centered church, discipleship, parenting, marriage, dating, work, prayer, conversations, relationships…and the list goes on.

However, there can be pros and cons to having something like the Gospel be the center of attention in everything. Let me explain. While the message of the Gospel is the most important thing we can share with others, there’s danger in just calling everything the “gospel,” and claiming we know when everything is being driven by the Gospel or centered on the Gospel.

Matt Perman made an attempt to talk about productivity from the Gospel and how the Gospel can transform the way we get our tasks completed. Not only did Matt make an attempt at this, but I believe he nailed it!

I was very impressed by his book “What’s Best Next” because I almost immediately thought to myself that this was just another Gospel centered book without many practical applications to it, but I was wrong and learned that only a few pages into the book.

Efficiency Doesn’t Equal Effectiveness

Right out of the gate, Matt discusses efficiency – which is probably comes to mind for most of us (including myself) when we think about being productive.

I was immediately convicted by the thought that just because I’m doing tons of things, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m being productive. In fact, if I’ve lost sight of what the Lord is doing while I’m “getting things done,” I won’t be glorifying God in anything I am actually doing…what a waste! It’s about getting the right things done, not many things done.

This review and article was featured in Credo Magazine and you can read it in full by clicking here.

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