How To Find Community With Others

How To Find Community With Others

Community is something we all desire on some level. It may not be a Church community we are looking for, but we are drawn towards friends that are interested in the same things we are. It could be things like sports, music, or cooking. It could be people who are in the same life stage as we are – singles, new parents, retired, etc. No matter what it is, we are all drawn towards community with others.

Biblical community is not only what we are called to have in Scripture, but is a testimony to the world about what Jesus has done on our behalf and why we can serve and love one another the way we do. Doing life with others where people truly care for you is an amazing experience and we all want to be a part of that.

We recently had our second child and the way people have visited us, prayed for us, brought us meals, laughed with us, etc. goes to show us just how powerful relationships are and how God has wired us the way that He has. I’m sure you have experienced a time like this in your life as well.

Being that we want community and know it’s important, why do we have such a problem finding it?

Isolating Ourselves Is Never The Answer

Being in community with one another is scary and raw so in defense of ourselves, we isolate away from others. God doesn’t call us into a life of isolation, but into a family of brothers and sisters for all of eternity and to reach others with the Gospel. Isolation has no place in the life of a believer.

I know these things to be true myself because I have experienced them firsthand and anytime I lean towards isolation, it’s always been a selfish reason because I either don’t want to get “messy” with other people or because I’m hiding something. If you’re involved with sin in your life, confess it to God and to one another.

We find true freedom as we do life with others ministering to them while they minister to us.

You’re The Reason Whether Or Not You Have Community

Attending a Bible study or a weekly group of some sorts isn’t going to automatically bring community in your life. Yes, it is a huge help and something you should consider doing, but if that’s all you are willing to do…real community will never take place. Being intentional in all circumstances will bring out community one way or another.

It’s risky, it’s messy, and it’s scary, but absolutely worth it to pursue it. If you put yourself out there and it’s not reciprocated, let that be on the other person and continue to try to build relationships elsewhere. Don’t let things like that stop you or be the reasons that you can’t find community. The reason you can’t find community at that point is because you have given up.

I don’t mean this to be harsh or anything, but I believe (again from first hand experience) full heartedly that if we seek relationships with others, they will always come.

  • Does hanging out with someone not fit in your schedule? Change your schedule then.
  • Is someone else’s personality not exactly like yours? Don’t just look for yourself and look to learn from others then.
  • Are friendships frustrating at times? Absolutely, but that’s no reason not to have them.
  • Do you not have enough room or are you too busy for more friends? It’s time to change priorities then.

It takes effort and time, but pursuing Biblical community is up to you at the end of the day and it’s yours for the taking if you really want it.

Questions: Do you want community with others? How have you found community? What did it take for you and what has been your experience? Please feel free to comment below.

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