The Dwell App

The Dwell App

There’s been a few different times here on Before The Cross that I wanted to share about some innovations that have taken place in technology that I believe would have a huge benefit for the believer and today, another one of those has arrived. It’s called Dwell.

Some of you may have already heard about this, but it’s coming this summer. They are featured on Kickstarter currently and are crushing their goals as many more as starting to realize what is headed our way when it comes to listening to the Bible.

What I love is that the creators themselves (Jon and Josh) will be quick to remind you that there’s still a big place to study scripture, and at the same time…there’s something that takes place when we listen to it. Here’s a teaser video from them:

I’ve been talking with Jon and Josh about this product coming out and asked them if they wanted to share some words with the readers of BTC and this is what they had to say:

Dwell is a forthcoming Scripture-listening app that aims to help people cultivate a habit of listening to the most important book in history: the Bible. We’re taking a rather unique approach in the fact that we’re creating a Bible app that’s exclusively devoted to listening. The app will feature four unique voices for you to choose from when listening to the Scriptures, as well as original musical pieces written for the expressed purpose of listening to Scripture.

The word count for the Bible comes in at a staggering 780,000+ words. That makes for a gargantuan task when it comes to the audio recording, editing, and mastering—and we’re going through that process four times! The human workload, as well as financial costs, are not insignificant. That is why we have chosen to bring our project to Kickstarter. Thanks to crowdfunding, we currently have 1,286 customers before the product has even launched.

I’ve been floored by the results of our campaign. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we were fully-funded ($50,000) in 56 hours, and continue to be the most popular app project on Kickstarter right now. We are currently sitting at $77,000 halfway through our campaign, with new contributions still coming in every hour. It has been amazing and a bit surreal to watch it all happen. After 15 days, the groundswell of momentum is still with us, which, of course, makes us feel great about the product we’re building. It just confirms that there really is a need for a beautiful, easy-to-use Scripture listening app.

I really wanted to help get the word out about this because I think this is going to be a huge thing for the world in terms of scripture spreading. It also helps you slow down….and along with the composed music that seems written perfectly for listening to the Bible…there’s just something different about the way we can “dwell” and ingest the word of God into our lives.

Praying for this to be huge! Check out their site by clicking here and view their Kickstarter by clicking here.

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