Yes, Your Life Has Value

Yes, Your Life Has Value

Sin is ugly. It tears people apart. It destroys families. It deceives you into thinking it’s worth it. It tells you you’re not good enough. It will never bring satisfaction to your life and will only continue to make attempts to destroy you and your relationship with God.

“It’s no coincidence you’re reading this today.”

I’m going to make a statement here that is a fact and is backed up by the Word of God. You can choose whether or not to believe me of course, but I sincerely hope you believe me. Your Life Has Value. It’s true. As soon as you doubt that (and you might be right now), don’t believe that lie. I don’t care what your family, friends, or strangers have ever told you about your life and your value, your life means something. God created you in His image and would say you have value.

This value isn’t because of what you can do to earn salvation or how many good works you can accomplish. It’s not because you might be a “good moral” person. It’s not because of your past, present, or even future plans you may have for yourself. It’s not from money or possessions. The reason you have value is because of Jesus Christ.

I’m hoping this is encouraging to you because whether or not you have trusted Christ, your value is based on what He has already done for you versus what you can or “need” to do. You don’t have to keep fighting, suffering, or questioning. Since your value isn’t based on your performance, you can see that salvation is available for all people at all times, including yourself. Do you trust in Jesus as your Savior?

For those who follow Him, have you forgotten about your first love? I’d encourage you to come back before the Cross and remind yourself of who you really are. That you’re a follower of Christ with a new identity and the reason you have value as a son or daughter of God is because He sees you…through His Son.

It’s no coincidence you’re reading this today.

Personal confession, I am the biggest sinner I know so I am right here in the midst of this with all of you and can relate. That being said, I must tell you that Jesus is worth it. How could I not?

  • Do You Feel Empty?
  • Are You Ready To Give Up?
  • Are You Searching For Satisfaction?
  • Do You Think This Is What Life Is All About?

Jesus is the answer to these questions. He is the satisfaction you’re looking for, what life is all about, the one who will sustain you, and the one who can bring you fullness of joy.

“But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 15:57

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11

All you have to do is trust in Jesus. That He died for your past, present, and future sins on the Cross and rose again defeating death and sin in victory. Pray. Confess your sins and choose to turn from your old ways. Those sins will never bring you satisfaction and will actually leave you empty, alone, and questioning if your life is even worth it. Please believe me when I tell you that you are absolutely worth it.

The fact that you are still taking a breath while reading this means you have an opportunity to make a decision at this very moment. You can make the choice right now to trust in Jesus as your Savior and be rescued. You can make the choice right now as a follower to remind yourself of the Gospel – The Good News. 

The amazing news for the follower of Christ is that you are forgiven, forever. As soon as doubt starts to creep back in, remind yourself of Jesus and that you’re forgiven for all your sins and will never be condemned by God ever again.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1

Your life has value. Believe that today. Receive it. Trust in Jesus as your Savior.

Question: Do you believe your life has value? Why or why not? Have you trusted Christ? Please join the conversation by commenting below.

Saved by Grace through Faith. In love with Jesus, His Glory, and obviously my beautiful wife Joelle, daughter Peyton, and son Matthew! Seeking Him in everything to glorify Him and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor at Austin Life Church.

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