Brand New Design & Site Improvements

Brand New Design - Before The Cross in Browser

We have completely redesigned and overhauled Before The Cross!  We’ve made significant improvements for viewing on any internet browser as well as tablet device such as an iPad and for mobile devices.  We’ve even created a Web App you can store on your iPhone! 

Before The Cross on iPad

For the main browsers, besides the simplicity of the design, we’ve made it easier to find posts based on categories, most popular, the latest, and from tags.  We’ve also included various ways you can follow Before The Cross on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and to subscribe to our RSS Feed.

On the iPad or various tablet devices, our site automatically will resize to fit perfectly into your browser and won’t effect how you can read our posts.  The same functionality you see on your desktop or laptop, can also be found on your iPad or tablet device.

On your mobile device, you can see how the posts will also resize to fit within your browser but our site layout will look much simpler to accomodate reading material on a mobile device.  You also have the option to turn this feature off at the bottom of each screen of you want to see the full site version.

Before The Cross on iPhone

And lastly, you have the option to save our site to your phone for it to automatically create a Web App which will put Before The Cross directly on your phone as an App!  This will allow you to quickly launch our site on your device to check out our posts.

Before The Cross Web App

So what do you think?  Let us know which new feature you like the best and we’d love to hear feedback on what you think of the style, overall improvements, etc.  Leave us a comment below or send us an e-mail!

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