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With so many choices of tools and programs out there in the technology world, how as believers can we best use them to glorify God and reach people whether they are unbelievers or brothers and sisters in Christ?  We are continuing our series here called “Defining Technology” that will help introduce and teach different pieces of technology out there available to us and how best we can use them to glorify God.  For this post, let’s talk about Facebook. 

By now, most people know about Facebook.  What started off as an exclusive college campus access type of network, has now been open to the public for awhile now and millions of people and businesses are represented on there.  Even many ministries have jumped on board to create a page to update fans and followers of what God is doing.  Before The Cross even has a Facebook Page! Statuses are posted each and every day, stating anything from worldwide breaking news all the way to someone updating their friends that they are going to the bathroom.  Obviously there is a wide range of thoughts and opinions people want to share out there.  As Christians, how can we define this technology?

If you are going to post something online, and hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are going to see it.  What do you want to leave them with?  That’s definitely a question I believe you should ask yourself before posting something.  Imagine if you posted Scripture or an encouraging story of what God is doing in your life or in the lives of others?  Imagine the potential impact you could have on someone else as they read something like that.  In my experience, you never know what someone may be going through and the Holy Spirit prompting you to post something online has been just the thing people needed to read.  It’s amazing how God can use technology like this!

Now I’m not saying that has to be the only type of posts, we still want to be authentic as believers so if you really feel to need to update everyone on what you are about to eat, how it tasted, how you feel afterwards, and then throw in a political statement all at the same time, go for it.  I just want to challenge us all to think through if we have these tools available to us, how can we use them best to glorify God?  And if we are believers, if someone were to view our facebook profile or recent status updates, could they tell that we are a follower of Christ?


Think through what you are going to post, and for one week, consider posting updates that would benefit others.  That would build up the church and that would reach out to the lost with the message of the Gospel.

Comment below and let us know how that week went and feel free to comment with any stories, etc. of how you’ve been able to reach others.  Let’s define Facebook.

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