Logos 5 Review & BTC Special Pricing

Logos 5 Review and BTC Special Pricing

I didn’t get started with Logos until someone introduced me to Logos 4 back in 2010. I wanted to find Bible software that was easy to use and would contain as much information as I would need to go deeper in studying God’s Word. At first glance back then, it was a lot to take in and I quickly realized just how in depth and solid Logos really was.

It only got better as Logos quickly worked on upgrades and improvements (sometimes it felt like it was weekly) and after coming out with Logos 5, it’s even better than I could imagine. Not only is it fast on my Mac, there are many additional and improved features that I’d like to share with you.

Sermon Starter

One of my favorite parts of Logos 5 is their sermon starter. This can obviously be used in preparation for a sermon or for things like blog posts and discussion topics…even in a small group. When you use this feature, it includes various resources such as outlines, media, links to related sermon text and audio, commentaries, and more.

Clause Search

What’s great about this kind of feature when using Logos 5 is that as you search for something, it will also include subject matters within the search. So if you’re searching about Jesus, it will also include instances where Jesus is speaking as subject. It gives you scripture’s pronouns and phrases to the people, places, and things they refer to.

Topic Guide

Another useful feature that works alongside that clause search is their topic guide. This is one of the most used areas for me so I can quickly pull up information on whatever topic I’m looking for. I can get results from any of the books in my library, find other similar topics, and review links that are included in there for additional resources.


The timeline feature is one of the easiest things I’ve used when looking for when things exactly happened in the Bible, and in what order. Not only that, whatever you are looking up on the timeline is easily clickable that fills you with all the information you could ever want on that particular time period and topic.

Here’s the deal, at the end of the day, whether you’re involved in vocational ministry or you’re just wanting to go deeper in your study of the Bible, Logos 5 will blow away any expectation you have going into it. Yes, it’s simple and fast to use as a program, but what’s found underneath is so much more and will teach you things that you never previously knew about the Word. I would highly recommend looking into either purchasing one of their base packages or upgrading if you have Logos 4 or earlier.

BTC Special Pricing

We’ve partnered with Logos to help provide our readers here at Before The Cross 15% off by visiting this link, clicking on the graphic in our sidebar, or using “BEFORE5” when you checkout. You can easily see on our discount page what the prices will be for you after taking off 15%.

Logos states that their ultimate mission is to serve the Church and I believe they have done exactly that and will continue to do so in the future with whatever it is God is leading them to do.

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