Top 15 Posts for 300,000 Views

Top 15 Posts for 300,000

We are celebrating post #400 today along with 300,000 views! Thank you all so much for your continued support by reading our posts, sharing, and praying for us. No doubt lives have been impacted by sharing the love of Christ.

Our prayer is that God continues to be glorified through the next 300,000 views, more people would believe and put their trust in Jesus, and that His Church will continue to be built up in the process.

Top 15 Posts for 300,000 Views

1. What’s Wrong With Living Together Before Marriage?

The Bible is clear on how it defines marriage between one man and one woman. That being said, what does Scripture say living together before marriage?

2. 5 Questions To Ask Your Spouse Every Week

Communication within marriage is a huge deal. It takes an intentional mindset each week to work on it. Here are questions to ask your spouse that can help.

3. Scripture on Self Worth

God sees tremendous value in you and has uniquely created you and all of us in His image. What else does the Bible say? Here is scripture on self worth.

4. Men: Act Like Men

The Bible calls men to be strong and courageous. To find confidence and power through Christ. To move from being boys to act like men.

5. 7 Ways to Guard Your Heart

God calls us to keep our hearts with all vigilance because everything we do will flow from it. Do you do this? Here are 7 ways to guard your heart.

6. Characteristics of God

Here’s a look at various characteristics of God involving Incommunicable attributes of God and communicable attributes that are shared with us.

7. How To Leave A Godly Legacy For Your Children

Leaving A Godly Legacy is our purpose as parents and is mandated in Scripture. Here is how we can be best effective when it comes to Christian parenting.

8. Scripture on Strength

Here is what the Bible says for those looking for scripture on strength, who are tired and weary, and just need encouragement in your walk with Christ.

9. Why I’m Ditching The Bachelor

As much as I want to believe that Sean will find the love he didn’t find in Emily this coming season on The Bachelor, I don’t think I can do it. Here’s why.

10. Scripture on Leadership

Wherever you are in terms of leadership or however you are seeking it, the Bible has much to say about it. Here is scripture on leadership.

11. Scripture on Thankfulness

Whether it is Thanksgiving or if we are reflecting on the things we are thankful for, let us be thankful for Christ. Here is scripture on thankfulness.

12. How To Humble Yourself Before The Lord

Our culture typically treats humility in a negative way as a sign of weakness. As the Bible teaches on this, how do you humble yourself before the Lord?

13. Scripture on Joy

What comes to mind when you think about Joy? Is it happiness? Is it laughter? Here is what the Bible has to say with scripture on joy.

14. Head Knowledge vs Heart Knowledge

When it comes to Jesus Christ dying on the cross, do we know this in our heads or in our hearts? Are we using head knowledge or heart knowledge?

15. Humility Before God

As we see God in His majesty, awesomeness, and holiness, we are humbled before Him. Humility towards God begins with a high view of God’s person.

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