Week In Review (1/26/13)

Week In Review

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Here’s a recap of blog posts you may have missed this week:

Louie Giglio’s Ouster from the Presidential Inaugurationfor a Sermon on Homosexuality from the ’90s – Here’s a look at multiple viewpoints and how the Presidential Inaugural Committee and the White House have now declared historic, biblical Christianity to be out of bounds, casting it off the inaugural program as an embarrassment.

5 Characteristics of the Effective Executive – These characteristics can apply to everyone, be possible for everyone, and can matter for everyone whether you are in business or in ministry.

Jesus Is Your Sanctification – Great post answering the question “Is there ever a time in a Christian’s life when there is less need for Grace?” We need Jesus more and more each day.

10 Major Trends for 2013 – Brad Lomenick looks at 10 major trends happening in 2013 whether it’s content on demand, smartphones, or how we are all leaders.

How Much Money Am I Supposed To Give Away? – Challies answers this question by “enough that matters,” meaning we should give enough that it makes a difference to our lives. Are we sacrificing anything?

Do you have any blog posts that you would like to share from this week? Let us know by commenting below.

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