Week In Review (3/23/13)

Week In Review

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Here’s a recap of blog posts you may have missed this week:

Ten Big, Daily Reminders – Matt Reagan discusses how each day when waking up, he can forget the realities about God, the universe, and the Gospel. These are ten great reminders to think on each day on what the Bible says about God and HIs view of us as His children.

Raising Daughters in a World That Devalues Them: 7 Things We Must Tell Them – This is an excellent post written by a mom who knows she can’t always shield or protect her daughters, but will tell them the truth at the end of the day and can prepare them for the world biblically. I love this and took it as great encouragement for what to teach my own daughter as she continues to grow older.

9 Reasons You Can Face Anything – These are nine promises listed by John Piper showing us that God’s promises will be fulfilled. His sovereignty means the good He intends for His children will not be deterred. This means we can face anything.

‘Failure Can Be A Great Teacher’: Greg Laurie Talks With Mark Driscoll – In this interview, Mark Driscoll asks Greg Laurie multiple questions about his story growing up, what moments stood out to him, what his favorite Bible passages are, and more.

It’s OK to Call Yourself a Christian – More & more people seem to be claiming their love for Jesus, but are not wanting to label themselves as a Christian. This is a look at how Marcus Mumford’s take on the “Christian” label doesn’t hold up.

Do you have any blog posts that you would like to share from this week? Let us know by commenting below.

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